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  1. Only at low levels, after a while bashing damage is just absorbed by your natural damage resistance, as it never exceeds ten points or so.
  2. I found Mass Slow to be an absolute game-breaker when fighting most foes, and death arrows could cut vast swathes through enemy ranks at high levels. Alien Beasts in particular would die like mad against it, or be rendered so low on HP that a single basic attack finished them off. Shockwave was decent, but unhelpful in most cases.
  3. I believe its widely agreed that hardiness is far superiour to the defense statistic on torment and the game in general, since monsters capable of beating you in a fair fight will generally be able to hit you no matter how high your defense is, unless you ignored every other stat you have.
  4. Originally Posted By: human of the year Originally Posted By: Jeran Korak Pedal not your lies here! I wasn't lying. I was wrong. There's a difference. I was being melodramatic, I'm sorry if you took it a way I didn't intend. And technically, any weapon can be wielded by anyone so long as they make the right use magic device check. Some weapons are simply powerful enough to do some truly horrible things to you if you wield them in this fashion, but openly abuse their ego and alignment sheets, then fail your will save. This is why an amulet of will +8 is such a useful item. That said, to such weapons you can slaughter and butcher as much as you like, provided your enemies are the sentient weapons enemies (or any enemies at all, in the case of most sentient evil swords).
  5. Get over swords!? HOW DARE YOU SPEAK SUCH BLASPHEMY. Pedal not your lies here! Have you any idea what I undergo to obtain these mighty spars of sharpened destruction!? NO!! It's not as if things like axes are one half as lovably flexible in the applications of chaos and slaughter and general bloodletting.
  6. I would like to note here that I now wield Carsomyr +6, detailed here. Quote: The Holy Avenger: Carsomyr Carsomyr is a weapon of legend, perhaps one of the most powerful blades ever forged on Faerun, though its origin and history is thought purposefully forgotten, such that the sword itself never overshadow the importance of the struggles that must be fought today. It is infused with the very essence of virtue, and requires as much from any paladin that would hope to wield it. The evils of the Realms must truly stand aside when this weapon is brought to bear, their magic dispelled with a word, steadfastly resisted with ease. Carsomyr also harbors a special distaste for the forces of evil and chaos, and such creatures must fear additional damage from its touch in battle. STATISTICS Equipped Abilities: 50% Magic Resistance Dispel magic 3 times per day Combat Abilities: +6 damage to chaotic evil opponents in addition to other bonuses. Dispels magic whenever the sword strikes an opponent THAC0: +6 bonus Damage: 1D12 +6 Damage type: slashing Weight: 6 Speed Factor: 4 Proficiency Type: Two handed sword Type: 2-handed Requires: 14 Strength Usable By: Paladins
  7. This thread could see the beginning of a new cult of Elner-Hunters mayhaps?
  8. I found A5 anticlimatic, turning on the general, or making him king means little really, and the final battles are weak tea compared to A3 and A4. You basically just whack around an army of normal peeps until they die, then whack around their general until he dies, the end. A4 wasen't half as good as A5, but it was more damatic, in that you fought enemies totally alien to the human condition, A5 is just a civil-war.
  9. A classic example of the orb failing is at a bridge near the end of the game, where you absolutely must fight a slavering horde of near-invincible enemies to pass. However, if you have it, you can use the 'Flight' spell to get past them.
  10. I have a lot of free time in the evenings, I completed G4 in 24 hours, as an infiltrator, G1 in a few weeks, and G2 in around 16 hours as Awakened. The only things that really pose a problem for me in Geneforge are mines and traps, my agents/infiltrators generally just smash through everything else like paper. The Huge Roamer in G2 made the game much easier though, by maximum level it could take on a gazer without help. Steel Skin and Augmentation made the combat sides of G2 almost boring.
  11. Where can you find the spaceship?
  12. 9/10! So, got anything else on the production line?
  13. If you do manage to kill Rentar, is there a message? Or does the game assume it's impossible, and ignore the death?
  14. Agreed. I wonder if a maxed endurance creation horde for a shaper who used a lot of magic would make a good gameplay option.
  15. Good tactic, actually. But very cruel, ouch. . . This gives me a few ideas.
  16. Wall Of Blades damages them, unfortunately it damages them very little. The worst nightmare imaginable is to attack a doomguard in an area where there is an ambiant scource of physical damage, like Area of Effect spell triggers or fields, then they just keep multiplying, and not even a character edited party can have enough attacks per round to destroy more then they copy. Erika's Tower in E3/A3 is the best example.
  17. I like keeping Empire Archers and Dervishes around with me, since I generally destroy at least one major city during the course of the game, it's just fun to sling around the empires own dominated souls to kill them without mercy occasionally. EDIT: Hey why'd the 1337 newbie get banned?
  18. Check all the boxes, nests and etc, also the drop I think is chance based. If you have an autosave before that area, use it and try killing the Rotties again.
  19. I already have all the power I need to crush any canister addict.
  20. Has anyone noticed how Iffy seems...changed, since his last appearance? Mind you, he has only made a few posts, however they have been shorter, to the point, even slightly threatening (If you know what kind of threatening I mean, but I'm not exactly sure so you might as well ignore that last bit). Seems like this experience he will not elaborate on has changed him. ...What? So sue me, I like conspiracy theories. Anyway, downloading the scenario tonight. Not had much free time recently.
  21. Sounds like a nasty bug you've got there. Myself got the extra text options after subduing the Gazer and Lich, as per the Job Board instructions. Oh, this may sound really stupid, but did you actually TAKE the quests before/after completeing them?
  22. I am divided as to wether this is an oldbie in disguise or simply a guy with no life and to much time on his hands. It's a bit "to" perfect if you get my meaning. Anyway *Draws weapon* if he's a n00b I can kill him, if he's a guy in disguise I'll kill him anyway and hope that its someone I know.
  23. The turtles do demand their dues you know...
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