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  1. Hey! So I have talked to the guy in the east house in Beraza Woods and he told me about a secret button in the main building behind a clay jug. Well, aint finding any secret button?? Missing something ??
  2. Never mind...obviosly its Patrick that has the password...Ahhh...there is alot of jumping around in this game that sometimes actually gets quit tiring.
  3. Well well...I have killed the demon, killen the emperor and now Im trying to get by the magical barriers to get to the surface...BUT...I havent got the password that Erika knows.So when it askes for the password I cant get by... I have been thruu every conversation option...but NOTHING! Hmm...what to do?
  4. Nevermind...after some inteanse looking in the lair and on the spiderweb forums I finally found the secret room in the treasury...
  5. Nope have already done that...I have three!Ivory, Malachite and pearl..
  6. I fixed the quest...A little bit tiring when you have to go thruu a great deal of talking options to sometimes get to where you want to.
  7. I killed pyrog before I got the quest from Erika about the brooches...Hmm...Now I cant find it. Have been around the whole lair but nothing..any suggestions?
  8. WEll well...perhaps I made a mistake with the graymold patch. I need it for the healing of Hathwisa but when trying to find it it says " ravaged remains of a graymold path"...hmmm...remember That I told someone that this patch was still there..dont remember who. Well anyway now I have a hard time trying to cure Patricks wife. I have the recipe and I have given it to Kai but I cant seem to get any further then that. (have graymold ) Suggestions?
  9. haha...now I got it...Different like never before. Like it thou...still some what confusing. When not used to jumps like that but I now realize that its part of the game and it actually makes it easier to play.
  10. graphics driver... the game setup was just OK! But now I cant play it anyway since there is a glitch in the game..(check my other post)
  11. Well. I got the game installed and started playing. Working just fine until I got out from the "arrival city"... then all of sudden I started jumping around to different locations on the map...Hmm..what´s that about? I walked around the city and came to the north entrence...then I suddenly was at a different location. Ok..I walked around (thinking I accidentally pushed or did something) nope..then again it jumped right infront of some rebells.
  12. I got it fixed...a litte out of date...so I updated and installed some more. Now it works...to bad the game doesnt work proparly...but that is not my problem.
  13. Its 2.00 Ghz and a 64 bit version of windows. I had before played avernum and geneforge and nothing went wrong. Then my dear husband reinstalled my computer and this happend. If it could be something with the graphics card that need to be updated. I have an AMD turion X2 Dual core mobile RM-70 graphics card... The RAM is 4,00 GB so that cant be the problem.
  14. Well well...here I have been looking forward to play the new game Avernum " escape from the pit". Well...everything goes fine, the installation goes good. The game starts, the music plays but the screen just flickers. I tried to play any other game from Spiderweb but the same thing happens. I have windows 7. Any thoughts about what to do?
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