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  1. It is at x111 y29, approached from the east side of the river bank.
  2. So, this is what worked for me. Buy your boat from Jacob in Silvar for 500GP (tourist rip-off price!). Board boat, go north, take left fork, continue until you see gap in trees. Get off boat there. Follow the path north to reach the blood stain (go through tree at x11 y9). Now, standing on the blood stain at x12 y8, look at the basalt wall to the east (x13, y8). You get a message saying the triangle fits into the odd niche in the wall - and a door appears one space to the north (x13, y7) of the niche. I managed to find the amulet in the boot by bumping in to the stalagmite at x121 y21.
  3. Will try and post an answer after playing it. As I'm extremely busy, can't promise to help out any time soon.
  4. The link to Khoth's Graphics Archive is not working. Anyone know what's happened?
  5. The Archive needs to go up there too! http://home.comcast.net/~tom_05/
  6. In the South-West of the Magestica prison level at x8 y56. Is Grimly not in in his Glowing Building at x320 y103?
  7. Check out http://www.geocities.com/tracihedlund/mylittleboepage.html for a growing database of BoE walkthroughs, so that assistance from experienced players becomes redundant! What about posting this website address at the top of Spiderweb's Blades of Exile Forum under 'Other Useful Links'??? I am not on some kind of one-man crusade to make utterly comprehensive walkthroughs of every scenario I play, right down to the level of what coordinates within towns contain special encounters! - at present BoE for me is an escape and a hobby and I do enjoy helping people, and giving something back to this game (after all the free scenarios). To this end, I often use a highly potent party to enter a scenario and (fairly) quickly answer the problem of people posting questions on BoE. Perhaps Ahbleza can contribute walkthroughs to Gizmo's website!?...
  8. Try 'Old MacDonald' or 'Old MacDonald's Farm' for snow terrain. Try 'Pyramids' for desert terrain. Ask again at 'The Lyceum'. See Spiderweb's BoE Neat Links.
  9. Go to http://p080.ezboard.com/fthelyceumfrm16.showMessage?topicID=215.topic
  10. This works: Collect the eight straw, rope, sheet from around town. Place eight straw all around the bow. Place the rope on the bow, and the sheet on the rope. Move a few spaces away from the bow to activate nightfall. When Gorlow has reached the straw, i.e. Gorlow is on green space just before a straw, then in Special Items, use 'Throw Sheet', then immediately right click the bow.
  11. The instructions in the book confuse. Step on the rugs only once each in the same order as in the book. So, start with the 45 degree one, then the 30, then the 90 (north one) then the 60, then the 0 degree one (the east one).
  12. Smoky crystals can be bought from Karma in Ogacihc (outdoors x74, y6). IIRC, on the margoyle cave level (above the doomer level) to the NW, there is a route to a room with various gems in chests including smoky crystals.
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