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  1. That confuses me, you had a Mac partition for it? I've running it in comparability mode for Windows XP Service Pack 3.
  2. Good to see old names and people active, I think part of the problem is that Blades of Avernum just doesn't play well with modern systems. The intro text screens for scenarios hang if you don't click through them fast enough, the cutscenes hang and recover but sadly skip the entire thing. So long as you use dialog boxes only it runs fine with no issues, I'm going to try wrapping it in dosbox later and see if it runs better.
  3. Just bumping this, given it's a very annoying issue.
  4. That reminds me, I updated that once but no idea if I still have it.
  5. Well I picked a good time to pick Avernum back up and dust it off....
  6. For the record the crash issue isn't limited to those scenarios, it's an engine issue with newer flavours of Windows. The memory either leaks or does something else doing prologues in a lot of scenarios (typically any with 3+), it made me drop Avernum for a few years due to unplayability of favoured scenarios. Compatibility tends to be hit and miss for fixing it, pretty sure I or others have mentioned it in the past. Started being an issue with Windows 7 if memory serves.
  7. So I've seen the two issues posted separately but not together, has anyone actually found a work around that allows the intro timer and cutscene sequences to not crash the game on Windows 10? The cutscene one sometimes winds up just being the game hanging for a few seconds and then skipping it, still it dampens playability when you miss a massive chunk of the scenarios. The intro one however completely crashes the game and other than trying to click spam past them or manually removing the intros does it work. So yeah, again anyone found any fixes for that? One small one I can think of right off the bat is converting the intro scenes into dialogue boxes once the scenarios start, it'd require people to redownload them all but it's a fix.
  8. Wouldn't that mean basically hiding a tile somewhere inaccessible in every town and having the item script call it depending on the town? Probably via SDF setting upon town entry.
  9. Lilith means WIndows 3.1/95 installed inside dosbox, which is a bit specialised but doable.
  10. Bit of a necro but interesting concept so... Shouldn't it be possible to rig up a script that makes using the item place and activate a temporary special or activate via a dialogue window/cutscene?
  11. Now this thread makes me wish I hadn't fallen inactive.... You lot have always been awesome.
  12. Shouldn't it be able to run in dosbox as well?
  13. Originally Posted By: Earth Empires not even full HD resolution, although full HD reso monitors and laptops cost quite much if have good panel so ......... It's a fully HD capable widescreen resolution... Just ask the laptop.
  14. I've always been able to get any Spiderweb gave to run on Vista and now Seven, resolution choices like these just bug the hell out of me.
  15. Bah humbug, looks like I'll have to suffer it then. I'd feared that would be the case.
  16. Originally Posted By: Dintiradan As a side effect of the registration system, the contest showed that people are still interested in making scenarios; they just don't complete them. Or they just carry them around and mess with them at random...
  17. I suppose I had better never finish one of the scenarios sitting partway done on my memory stick then...
  18. So I never bothered picking up Avernum 4-6, more then happy toying with BoA and other games. However a friend tossed them at me and I decided to give them a play, however I dislike being forced to change my resolution when if memory serves the other games all let me run in a window. I'd rather run it windowed without all that annoying black, same goes for any of the Spiderweb games on Steam. I tried to obvious -w (which did nada) but anyone know of a way to set it in the files or the actual command line needed?
  19. Congrats to everyone who made the first round of characters, hopefully I'll be finished early enough to camp out in the session to watch.
  20. Aye I can understand why completely with that, personally I love both series equally. Although BoA has kept me distracted from BoE scenarios.
  21. Yeah... Just save it as a bmp mate... Or png if you want to be fancy.
  22. If Jeff does remake the first Avernum trilogy I don't think any of us won't part with our money for it. I mean most of us, jumped at Avernum for the 3D terrain, the improvements and odd new addition to the game. So I think we'd be just as happy with jumping on the bandwagon for 3D characters as well... EDIT: Ack! Epic revival sorry folks, forgot to check the dates.
  23. Daryll if you're running 32-bit Vista, just ry setting it to run in compatibiblity mode for 98, ME or XP any of those works. I have mine running under that even though it doesn't have any problems, just because I'd rather run it in compatibility it was designed for originally.
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