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  1. Ahh, I was afraid that was the case. Thank you for the idea. I may use that instead.
  2. I was wondering, is there a way to import an outdoor section from one scen to another? Or even simply repeat the same outdoor section several times in the same scen? I was thinking about making a scen that was simply an atlas of a location and then importing sections from it to new scen files so that I could have multiple scen basid in the same location without drawing them all over again.
  3. Ah, I suppose that it is not, although I could have sworn that I read something to that effect in the docs that came with it. The hut itself is also described in detail in the 2nd Edition AD&D Book of Artifacts p21. Then again, D&D doesn't have a monopoly on myth so I could be wrong. (Edited for spelling.)
  4. Here's a thought. I noted the presence of The Hut of Baba Yaga here. Has anyone else made conversions of other D&D modules for BoE before? If any person is looking for ideas I can think of no better source then the huge number of modules available for free on the WotC Websiye.
  5. Well, that is good to know. I'll take a good look at creating something then. I was just a little worried when I opened up this forum to find that only three threads were open and none of them were really talking about ceating new scens.
  6. Greetings, I am a long time Blades player, but new to these forums. I am wondering though. Are people still using BoE to create or has everyone converted to BoA for their creations? If people still use this program then are their any new things in the works? Would anyone even be interested in anything new for BoE? I recently unearthed my copy of BoE and have been bitten by the bug, but I want to know if I would even have an audience here or if I should simply wait and try to puzzle my way through BoA.
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