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  1. I'm at the Portal Fortress and I have the Onyx Sceptre, but when I try to seal the portal, it says that nothing happens and then the whole place blows up. I'm assuming this isn't the right answer. What am I missing? Cheers.
  2. Robinator, I couldn't have put it in better words myself
  3. I have seen the majority of the bugs (some to my advantange) but it doesn't spoil the fun with the editor.
  4. I agree that the graphics are a pain in the @#$%, but other than that, a new editor isn't need. I think Jeff is giving way on exile and on with the other ones like avernum. If you ask me, exile is the best series Jeff has created... but that's just my opinion.
  5. To be honest, I haven't played this scenario but your first question: "...who's the Murderer..." is a stupid question. I might as well tell you what happens at the end of the game along with the entire plot. It's the same thing. (btw, sorry if it sounded like I was offending you)
  6. Most people are against "Old 2D" games but I see them as more "Classical". For example, while I love the new final fantasy games, the old block movement games from the late 70s still chew away that sunny day you were on about. I see all of the exile games the same way!
  7. Think about it: firstly you need to play the game over a few times to get the feel of directions, then you have to map out the outdoors by measuring every step. Doing so would halp you choose what to set the outdoor scale on. Then for each and every individual town/dungeon you must do the same to see if you should use a small, medium or large scaled base and then get every terrain piece (from walls right down to the amount of mushrooms on the ground) in its precise place. Then you've got to figure out how to do the special encounters. THEN you've got to talk to everyone, find out every word there is in the dialog. Then you must place every item (from swords & clubs right down to rubble and rocks). Most of all you're going to have to recreate monsters, items and the scariest one: the graphics If you ask me, you're wasting your life... and when I say life, I mean life! I truly feel sorry for Jeff Vogel!
  8. I find the start the easiest as ideas are flowing through your head like water in a fire hydrant. I think the middle is hardest as you begin to loose faith that it will be good and you'll complete it. Once you get past that barrier, you feel invincible!
  9. I usually use paint because it shows the co-ordinates in the bottom right corner. Use these with the numbers in the help file and you should be fine.
  10. Can someone tell me how to play this music? I have both versions but I haven't heard of any such thing on the older version...
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