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  1. Alright, hopefully I have not missed this somewhere, but I did read through this entire thread to see. Last time I did any major playing was like 2006, so I have not been around for a while. Wish I had seen this project when it started.(I was trying to find a description for something I saw and ended up coming back and playing and looking around) If this is still active heres more ideas: An active effects list for a PC. This would list everything currently acting as the name suggests. This would be everything from temp effects like poison, to effects that come from equipped items, like protection; listed would also be where the effect is coming from. Further, clicking on the effect would tell you exactly what it does. After a couple hours of looking around, I am still utterly suprised I could not find any documentation on what a given effect does exactly. I mean, I see an effect from armor I have that says Full Protection, or a ring that says Willpower. Nowhere can I actually find exactly what this does! I can only see the name and assume approximatly. Second, I am glad I saw the flow chart idea for the editor, that has been terribly apparent to me from when I first tried using the editor. Third, yea, I saw someone mentioned the idea of building the whole world. Guess you havent heard of modding teams like those for Morrowind which are quite busy currently making the entire continent?(I happen to make models for one of them)(alright, its only 3-4 provinces, not the entire continent, so more like half the continent) Lastly, maybe a way to expand the vieiwing window? With the size of monitors today, that little windows just seems way too cramped. Edit: I find it funny that it says new arrival under my name but I have been a member longer than some other people here.
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