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  1. Avernum 4 is just too different and somtimes frustrating. In one round of combat my Mage could not cast a spell or even use a weapon for the entire battle because "Action Points" were too low??? What sense does that make? In another case, a character could not equip armor because the "Action Points" were too low??? I play to relax, not to get frustrated. It lacks the easy to play and enjoy set-up of the earlier versions.
  2. Thanks for the info. But, this plus the addition of something called "action points" (where in the world did they come from and what are they for?), not having a clear and definitive picture of each player (they all look alike during battle no matter which picture I actually choose) and the confusion of not being able to select the weapon during battle just took away from the fun I had with the other Avernum games. Why did you take away the use of candles and lamps? So, I think I will pass on purchasing this one.
  3. So, how do I turn off all of the Automatic Hint Pop-Ups? I was able to turn them off in the other Avernum Adventures in the Main Menu Preferences. But, I do not see any way to stop them in Avernum 4. It is rather rude to keep having these things pop-up when you are already familiar with the basic operating principles for Avernum. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the help. I finally found Berra. Now, all I have to do is remember where he is next time. The walkthroughs are nice, but it takes away some of the fun when all I need to know is where to find a specific character, not how to accomplish something.
  5. I have a little problem trying to remember who is located where. Is there a listing of what characters are located where? My current problem is trying to locate someone called Berra. The discussions talk about showing evidence to Berra in Fort Emergence. Yet, I can not find any such character in Fort Emergence. Where do I find this Berra character? Thanks
  6. I am playing on a system with XP Pro SP2 and 512MB RAM. I am at an Empire town when the screen just goes nuts and I get the error meassage: Graphic Missing Avernum was unable to find or load graphic 777 (and graphic 791). This can happen because you don't have enough memory. Restart your machine and try Avernum again. It's also possible that a file has been corrupted. In this case, reinstalling Avernum can also help. Since I can find no such graphic number, either on the system or the CD-ROM, even after reinstalling from scratch, i wonder why it is searching for a non-existent graphic. My graphics files go from G773.BMP to G800.BMP, with nothing in between them. Thanks
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