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  1. Sorry, didn't mean to start an argument here! I think that on a 1st playthrough, perhaps normal difficulty is best. While it's not particularly difficult, it paces the game so that there's a good balance of story and battles. I haven't tried veteran difficulty, so maybe that's exactly the balance I'm looking for, but when time is limited, normal does feel like the right choice. I am absolutely impressed with those who play through to the end on torment. It really is torment...
  2. Hi TriRodent, Edwyn, Randomizer, Thanks for your comments! That's quite helpful. I was doing a bit of each of those things, here or there, but not to the level of attempting perfection. Attack/retreat was the most irritating part of it. Sure I can clear dungeons 3 monsters at a time, returning to town to restore mana/resurrect dead party members, but that became too tedious. So I decided I'd just switch to normal difficulty, which I did, and now my highly non-optimized party is tearing through just about everything the game can throw at it. While I like to
  3. Thank you all for responding! That quite clears things up! I've added another comment/question: how does anyone play this thing on torment? I fancy myself quite the expert at these games, but I finally gave up and went to normal. On torment, it seems like every single AoE effect kills half my party. My party's level 20 and still can't get past plenty of mid-tier dungeon bosses. It's... torment. I like a challenge, but perhaps I'm too old for this challenge.
  4. Hi Forum! I seem to have one or two questions popping up here and there, so I figure I'll just dump my questions into a single topic so as not to spam the forum with my nonsense. 1. (Added 4/1/21) In A1, there's a book on a pedestal in the Bandit Lair that gives the following message: "maybe you could do something to make the words readable. You aren't sure what." Well... is there some way to make these words readable? 2. (Added 4/2/21) Various items have +5% damage (for example, Farsight Longbow lists "+5% missile damage"). Is the damage bonus i
  5. Oh, hi Kelandon! After playing the Queen's Wish demo, I decided to go ahead and revisit Avernum 1-infinity. I've made it all the way to Silvar already!
  6. Hi ADoS! It's been a while, hasn't it? You must be like 10,000 years old now! Thanks for pointing out that Avernum 4-6 were around... I probably even knew then, but just forgot. Also, hi Nikki! Did you have a different name? I think you did... but with member numbers gone, I cannot figure out who you were/are. (Ok, even if you had your member number, I probably still would not remember 😝). Regarding Queen's Wish... there still isn't a range indicator! I still have my archer try to wander halfway around the world because they were one space out of range to just attack!
  7. Hi Forum! I'm back. I saw this Queen's Wish thing and downloaded it and lost a few hours of my life! Yay! What else is new around these parts? I see Geneforge is back (that's a remake of the original, yes?). I don't recall Avernum 4/5/6 being here when I last visited. How are they? Why do I even ask... I should just purchase and play. Uhh... I guess that's all I have to say. That, and... hello! - SMoE EDIT: Yay! I still have my custom title! EDIT 2: Also I added a beautiful MS Paint portrait. Now everyone will recognize me around here
  8. Well! Not that anyone asked, but my overall assessment is that this game is quite good, does a great job maintaining (and even improving upon) the atmosphere of the original, while being made with a combat system that is at times much better and at times horrendously painful. Since I like to gripe, I'll gripe first. 1. The targeting thing is just a disaster. I am often in situations where I'm one space too far, so my mage tries to run around the other side of the building to get into range, which means that he's just way out of place and gets himself clubbed to death by the pair of ogres s
  9. Thanks all for the replies and tips. So I'm definitely getting more used to the environment. I'm definitely nostalgic for the old-school everything-could-be-a-secret-door, I miss the "look" button and the free-form conversation interface, I miss the useless spells, but this is definitely more... functional. I have two gripes: I still hate the targeting system. One misclick where I think I'm clicking on the enemy but instead click the tile above said enemy will send my mage charging bravely into the middle of a team of nephil warriors. That is highly irritating. Along similar lines is t
  10. You know, I'm really feeling nostalgic for the old 2D format of the original Exile games. Visually, I think there was a lot more contrast between objects on the ground and the tiles they were on. In Avernum, I keep missing stuff that's on the ground because it all looks like a brown line on a gray background. Also, is there a way to figure out your range to a target during battles (i.e., a range indicator)? For example, if I want to fire an arrow at a target, I never know whether my character will have to move first before firing. This has at times resulted in my character attempting to ci
  11. Hi ADoS! Hi... 2577... even my (decidedly poor) internet stalking skills could not figure out who you are. Aran, I think I posted 3 or 4 years ago... I'm surprised that didn't turn up. Right now I'm sitting in purgatory for 2 weeks or so after which I will either be numbing my misery with a lot of (updated) Avernum or working like a madman and thus vanished once again from this cozy corner of the internet. Browsing the archives... it's very interesting to read what I was like eleven years ago. I mean, it's surprisingly not quite as embarrassing as I expected it would be looking eleven
  12. Hi Kelandon! Yes, I cretainly remember you, despite my senility. My apologies for setting the member number too low. It is now set to 5000, until the next oldbie proves that I am indeed senile. What is new on your end of the internet? Member #2001... Arancaytar? Alorael, your seal of approval is uncalled for. Kelandon's astute observation was correct, going to show that even I cannot imitate the great Alorael, lord of signatures, snipers, and... that hallucinatory stuff he's holding whose proper name I cannot at the moment recall. Thank you everyone for your information. I shall tr
  13. ...the Avernum rewrites? Are they vastly different than the originals? What's changed? What's new? What's old? What's on Netflix? What's on the other side of the moon? Also, hello everybody! Welcome new members (member number > 4000, which gives you an idea when I last visited), and hello old members! — SMoE, who, due to visiting once every three years or so, will take this very rare opportunity to appropriate Alorael's signature signature, all the way down to using the correct dash at the beginning (admittedly, by copying and pasting it from one of his posts).
  14. Dr. Motrax (yay!) indulges in musical pursuits, wants to be but is not currently active in martial arts (it IS expensive! But if you find a good school, it's well worth it!), is devoting time to reading books (both technical and otherwise), going on long walks, and posting on this forum once every other year or so. If you've got nothing to do, you may also want to become an expert cook (which I am not). This is a skill that can be useful in many an unexpected situation.
  15. Sully!!!! Hihihihihihihihiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! ...I clearly haven't aged one bit in the last 11 years. Yeah, the days of Misc. were a special time. I feel like a newbie thinking about it, though, since I came relatively late to it all in my mind. Why's there a Misc. board here? It looks rather ultra-dead? I'll have to say goodbye for the moment. I might stop in sometime in September. But I've got a busy summer ahead. But it was nice to hear from everyone if only briefly! Hope you're all well! - Motty
  16. Oh, hi Kelandon! Didn't recognize you behind that moniker. I noticed the polaris link after I posted. I think that's from 2.0, but I could be wrong. It has been a very long while.
  17. Aww, thanks! I was wondering why I wandered back onto the Spiderweb boards. So while I'm here, hello to *i, Alorael, Thuryl, Shard, Dikiyoba, Tyran, saunders, ADoS, Aran, Zeviz, all the oldbies hiding behind pseudonyms I didn't recognize, and all the newbies (who I guess are mostly pretty old by this point)! To stay on topic, no, I have never run into a Spiderwebber in the real world, apart from those I knew before I knew about Spiderweb Software.
  18. ...good to know Spiderweb has retained absolutely every little bit of it's lack of sanity. So everybody is very clear, it is now late, and I am very, very tired. I'll probably call it a day until the next wave of newbie-oldbies gets smug, thinking there's nobody with more seniority, and then I'll jump onto the scene again and throw some old-fashioned firestorms and walls of blades around so everyone knows who's boss. Cheers! SMoE
  19. Are lots of oldbies coming back? Maybe we all had the same dream about spiders talking in high-pitched voices and landscapes of pseudo-3D cave terrain. Also, hi Sully! One can never be too late for the internet.
  20. I wonder what all of you people are doing now... I was in high school when I started this business. Now I'm toiling away in grad school. To the newbies - welcome! Don't spend too little time here. Sunlight is overrated.
  21. It's very nice to see all these people who I remember, vaguely remember, and do not know at all. Those member numbers have become so very large. And my member number changed! I'm 545 now... I used to be 547. And my old moniker is gone. > (Senile Reptile, for the deeply curious masses) To clear up all this confusion of sock puppetry, I am in fact a sock puppet. The greatest of all sock puppets, in fact... I am Sockrates!!! - SMoE, who did indeed come up with that all by himself
  22. ...it's neither late nor am I tired. I was eating dinner and it occurred to me I haven't been here in how-many-years. So I'm saying hello. Hello!
  23. When I start up Blades of Exile, for some reason teh text doesn't show on the front panels, which is somewhat irritating. I'm assuming it's some conflict with the fonts. Is there some way I can fix this?
  24. The best casting would definitely be the Collect Lady as a naga (only because there aren't any medusas to be played). Think of the horror - the adventurers plummet through the floor in the giant caverns and find themsleves surrounded by the most terrifying visages ever to exist on Ermarion (sp?). Steven Segall should play the Mad Monks. That way he could to any sorts of crazy, stupid stunts and they would fit right in. Also, he would continue the trend of being almost utterly invincible (Executive Descision is the only movie where Segall actually dies). And yes, DeCaprio would make a
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