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  1. cool... haven't gone back to deal with those, but have managed now to "defeat" R-I the first time and to get through to the Abyss. Frustrating that the key to getting them to stop reforming is somewhere protected by so many pylons... and the only place in the fort I never went! Ah well... now I have Arcane Blow on a wiz with 17 Mage Spells, 13 Spellcraft, and 7 Intelligence, which, all in all, means I can smash a circular group of enemies for over 150dmg each. Too bad the spell is so costly... I actually ran out while fighting the leader of the Spire Fort gang. Thanks for the help!
  2. Aside from all $#!+ related to noobs and walkthroughs, I'm having a particular problem with the Radiant Pylons in the tunnels east of Fort Saffron - Whenever I try to kill one, it "stops attacking and begins to reform itself" no matter what I do even though my mage blasts it for at least 70 damage each turn with Lightning Spray. How can I destroy these pylons? I've managed to kill all the bandits, including Khester, but can't handle even a single pylon. I haven't, however, gone past the zombified adventurers to sneak into R-I's fort, so if this is the problem (Corrolea's advice to search for a
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