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  1. Yeah, I know. Wish we had a newer computer/OS, but my parents won't get one.
  2. Just got Geneforge 4 last night, and whenever Disk Copy tries to open it, it crashes. Tried quitting all programs, resetting my computer and trying again, and re-downloading it. Help? EDIT: Ahehe, forgot to mention which game...
  3. EDIT: Beaten to it... Hmm, looks like we need a new features summary. Heres what i've spotted: - New creation! The Kyshakk, which presumably shoots electricity from its teeth, is greenish in a different form (see Rivergate Keep shot), and is a shaper creation. - New PC's, like the two shown in the Screenshots, possibly Melee and Mage? - New frame around the page (which was to be expected) - Avernum style "?" marks on the Mini-map, to easily locate shops, etc... - Some creation animations are updated, like the golems. - New health metre? Bars next to the PC are different. So is the potion symbol + Question mark. - Trees show up as green on the minimap - Two places where text appears now, in the box, and over the map. PS: Why is the human shown as the PC on the Rivergate Keep shot, but the Shaper is selected instead? And what was that crystal rod was at the bottom of the Rivergate Keep box? A healing rod?
  4. Edit: Sorry, a friend of mine got on here and posted a rather crude post, so I deleted it. Sorry for the Spam.
  5. As my brother was playing Geneforge One, he discovered that you could use the Geneforge. I thought that this was impossible, so I strolled through the code, and I came upon this. Quote: begintalknode 93; state = 90; personality = 0; nextstate = -1; condition = get_flag(100,11) == 0 && has_spec_item(6) > 0; question = "Put on the shaping gloves and lightly touch the surface of the goo."; text1 = "The moment you touch the goo, it begins to fulfill its purpose. It shoots through your skin and inside you. It seeks out the tiny instructions deep inside you and begins to rewrite them, one at a time. The heat slowly crawls through your body."; text2 = "Fortunately, the gloves control the process. They merge with the substance, drawing it up into tiny tubes so that only small bits of it contact you at any one time. You feel your parts changing, first your arms, then your heart, then elsewhere."; text3 = "It is horribly painful, and it seems to go on for a very long time. Every part of you is rewritten and then, when it has had time to adjust, rewritten again."; text4 = "At last, it ends. You are changed, completely and utterly. You feel amazingly powerful. You feel like you have become a new class of person, far above and beyond the mere, pitiful mortals you have now left behind."; text5 = "It is time to leave this island. It is finally time to return to your people, and show them what you have become. Then you can decide what to do with them."; action = END_TALK; code = set_flag(100,11,1); toggle_quest(2,FALSE); alter_stat(0,8); alter_stat(1,8); alter_stat(2,8); alter_stat(3,8); alter_stat(4,8); alter_stat(12,8); alter_stat(15,8); alter_stat(16,8); alter_stat(17,8); alter_stat(18,8); award_party_xp(1000,20); heal_char(pc_num(),1000); break; Did anyone else out there know this was possible? I remember hearing somewhere that it was impossible to use it. And what exactly does it do? (What stats does it put up, down, etc)
  6. Quote: Originally written by Erika Maroonmark: Couldn't you download the PC version to a Mac and then put it on a disk and transfer it to the PC? Hmmm... I bought the Disc version of Geneforge(s), and it said on that it was compatible on Mac and Windows. Haven't actually tested it on Windows though. Or with any older Discs. Like Avernum 1-3
  7. How did you first find avernum? I founf it by looking at the Spidweb Website. After playing Nethergate. What game did you first play? Something to do with chucking my food wildly around when I was 2 or so. Oh, so you meant computer games... Probably Minesweeper or Solitaire. Why did you play it? Because. What is your favorite game? Hmmm... At the moment, GF3. Or Nethergate.
  8. Quote: Servile Warrior Servile Guard Servile Outsider Guard Drakon Fyora Cryora Battle Alpha Townsman Townswoman Merchant UNI- drakon Traveler The old Stuff (Shaper, Guardians, Agent) FYT's. By the way, what is this Uni-Drakon you speak of?
  9. If this is in Geneforge 3, isn't there a mage waiting at the north entrance? The same one who asks you for some sheets in a shed at the start of the third island, then runs off.
  10. Not yet. Other than the games running slow. Do I need OS X 10.2.something for this?
  11. Sorry to double post, but this topic hasn't answered my question yet...
  12. The normal editor runs fine, and the 3D Editor is in the "Blades of Avernum files" Folder. Once the 3D editor had unzipped, I put it straight into the BoA Files Folder. Do I need Xcode to run the Editor or something?
  13. Okay. I have downloaded the 3D BoA Editor, but whenever I try to open it, it appears for a second, and then crashes. If it helps i'm on a Mac, OS X 10.1.5. The read-me doesn't help at all. Can somebody help?
  14. I'm sure that... Quote: Ahh beh-beh buh-buh bah ...isn't a language.
  15. Yeah! Us farmers have been treated like dirt by adventurers regularly. You walk through our houses, kill our leaders on a regular basis, and steal the robes from our cupboards! What can we wear now, after going for a swim in the local river?
  16. Quote: Originally written by MagmaDragoon: Well, I think lvl. 3 creations are more powerful of the others. Exceptions: Pyroamer (I think a Roamer is better) and Ur-Drakons (because I am a Guardian and I cannot create it ). I think that the normal Vlish is better than the terror Vlish, but that might be because I always keep mine until the end of the game. It hits most things for reasonable to good damage, can take hits, and does'nt cost much essence.
  17. Gosh, looking at these makes me think that Exile might be worth playing after all. I only got through the demo, and gave up... *Waits for mad JV fans in fluffy turtle suits to chase him with vodka and honey*
  18. I have a similar problem occasionally. The game was sluggish when doing anything. I solve it by either: a) Re-setting my computer Leaving the computer or c) Closing all other programs
  19. Well, I always hated the funny walking glitches (I got stuck walking in space once, and my character got dislocated off its circle thing). And the combat just got repetitive near the end. Apart from that, good! 8.0000425 (8sf)
  20. Good question. EDIT: I really didn't need to post, did I?
  21. Hmmm... From what i've played, i'd have to say the miscellaneous items, like lanterns. They add depth. I always liked miscellaneous items, and searching through them for good stuff. Yay for miscellaneous items!
  22. Poll Results: Rate Avernum 4. (17 votes.) Rate Avernum 4. Choose 1 1 18% (3) 2 12% (2) 3 0% (0) 4 6% (1) 5 6% (1) 6 12% (2) 7 18% (3) 8 24% (4) 9 0% (0) 10 6% (1) For those who can't understand results...
  23. I dunno. but can't you only train up to lv 2 with trainers, and then you need a canister to get it to lv 3?
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