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  1. Hi I have an archer that has a lot of throwing weapon skills and dex. He can deal around 30 - 100 with iron javelin (for example) right now. But the flawless shot battle discipline always reads 20 - 60 damage? Does not matter what ranged weapon I have equiped, different javelins or long bow. The flawless shot description says it has to add damage? The well aimed blow works properly increasing damage a lot over what the equped melee weapon normally deals. Is that a bug in the game?
  2. They are 4-16 and 6-24 So both are 1-4 according to Lilith's system. That clears it out. Thanks guys!
  3. Originally Posted By: Lilith For any weapon, you can just divide the maximum damage by the minimum damage to get the damage per level. So if a weapon says it does 10-40 damage, the damage per level is 1-4. From memory, I think javelins are 1-4. You confused me there a little. Is it depending on the weapon type or only on the actual base damage range. For example is a steel javelin going to do more damage per level than a common one?
  4. You are great man, a living fontain of knowledge Do you know the damage per level of the javelins? Maybe 1-3 as per results I get in damage? And the wands and scrolls? Although for them I get the feeling that the attack strength is not clear. I remember something about throwing weapons + Dex maybe?
  5. Well, what is the per level damage of the melee weapons then? I read someone say the pole weapons are most damaging?
  6. I have an Nephil archer with Dex 5 + Bows 7 + Sharpshooter 5 That is a total of 17 attack strength. His Yew bow has 5-10 base damage, that is an average roll of 7.5 A simple calculation 7.5 times 17 = 127.5 damage average. In reality he deals a miserable 20-30 damage (before armor) even to worms and goblins, wolfs ? WTF? Is there something real at all in those rules in the game help? I am talking about Avernum 6
  7. Originally Posted By: Lilith Yeah, that first description is just wrong. It only affects melee attacks. Thanks Lilith, I suspected so
  8. I notices that no curses are inflicted on enemy when I cast this spell. I only use missile attacks. Could that be the reason? The description of the spell says: "Gives your group attacks a change to put a random curse on the target" The description in the traits menu says "your blades and projectiles have a change of inflicting a curse or other harmful effect" The description in the Avernum 6 Instructions.pdf says "Your melee attacks have a chance of cursing your targets" A bit contradictory, anyone knows where is the truth?
  9. avok

    Damage types

    Originally Posted By: HOUSE of S Energy and magic type damage are the same type damage. This is distinct from magical ATTACKS, which are an attack type not a damage type -- that is what the % bonus is for. Poor word choice, eh? Yep, quite confusing. Thanks for clarifying that! I wonder are there any rune stones that can give elemental (fire/cold) protection? I haven't seen such stones yet.
  10. avok

    Damage types

    Originally Posted By: avok Thanks Othar, So, then shaman and sourcerer fire and cold attacks are magical attacks? They will get a bonus right? Along with poison and acid attacks maybe? But what about protection? Poison, acid, cold and fire all have their respective resistances. Energy does not? What protects against energy attacks? And what the magical resistance protects against? Anyone has any idea about the protection?
  11. Originally Posted By: Randomizer When Jeff "fixed" the game during beta testing he only changed cold dodging to endurance to decrease the usefulness of dexterity. Ahh yes, but he forgot to change the description
  12. avok

    Damage types

    Originally Posted By: Othar Trygvassen: Gentleman 1. Magic damage bonus means all damage from spells and magic attacks (i.e. nearly all sorceress and shaman attacks, and various scarabs). Energy damage is a damage type, which some but not all magic attacks inflict. Your confusion is understandable: some of Jeff's games call the damage type 'magic' and some call it 'energy,' and it's possible that Avadon is inconsistent in its nomenclature because of this. 2. The percentage bonuses aren't listed on weapon/spell damage listings (they only reflect skills, attributes, and the spell/weapon's base damage), but they do work. 3. I'm not sure, actually. Thanks Othar, So, then shaman and sourcerer fire and cold attacks are magical attacks? They will get a bonus right? Along with poison and acid attacks maybe? But what about protection? Poison, acid, cold and fire all have their respective resistances. Energy does not? What protects against energy attacks? And what the magical resistance protects against?
  13. I have trouble with some of the wordings used in Avadon to describe the damage types and protection from it. 1. Who inflicts magic damage and what is the energy damage? 2. Is energy damage = magic damage and if yes, why don't the items that give percentage increase in magical damage affect the displayed damage range of my rods? I have both Shaman with energy and sourceress with fire attacks. Both are unaffected. I don't see magic damage in the description of any of their abilities and attacks. I recently had a fight with shade that was using some Dark Bolt ability and the log displayed it as Magical Damage. Am I supposed to play like a shade to be able to have magical attacks 3. When I apply battle rune store to an armor the Enchantment says +4% magic/elemental protection, but in practice it increases only magical resistance percent with 4? Is that a bug? If not, is there a store that increases elemental protection?
  14. Originally Posted By: The Turtle Moves It will be available next time, don't worry. Thanks! That was a relief!
  15. I accidentally clicked OK button before using all of my level skill points. There was one more remaining. I cannot allocate it now! Is that going to be available the next time I get train for new level?
  16. Ah, I didn't know southwest door was ever locked, because I talked to him first, before I tried the doors. There was not much in there. Thanks Randomizer!
  17. When I exposed him as an Eye, Tartam said he will will unlock the door to his safehouse for me, where is that? He has this door (too complicated to be picked lock) in his house, but it is still locked? When it will unlock. Is that a bug?
  18. Thank you! That answers my question. Let's hope other foes are also that easy like those first worms and fioras
  19. ok, is it normal that I fight some worms, kill some of them I get 35 exp. During the battle I make new level and I finish them off, last ones still give 35 exp? Or fighting with the spawner in the testing halls. Kill a fyora = 35 exp. Kill the spawner - guess what? 35 exp. Does it really matter at all what I kill?
  20. Yes but in the first area for example, I got very little maybe 7-8 I think for puny foes. Then suddenly it got higher and it stayed that way no matter what level am I? Maybe 5 levels already it is still the same. I does not look normal to me.
  21. I a now level 15 and I am in the testing halls. I noticed that from someplace like Foundry east onwards I only get 36 - 35 exp on every miserable worm and the same with powerfull creatures too. Is that normal?
  22. I found it! It is in gf5itemschars.txt
  23. Hi, Do you how I can make one model look like other, for example I want to play sorcerer but I want to look like a lifecrafter. I did that with some configuration files with Geneforge 4. But I cannot find this configuration now. Please, help
  24. Hi, I was wondering when the traps reset after the initial warning and don't go off when you click them second time?
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