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  1. Quote: Originally written by cybertron13: Go on advanced features and hit the 'make anama forgive you' button, should make things fine, That did the trick Cybertron13. Everything is good again. I really don't like the idea of using it, but, meh, I need my Avernum.
  2. hey folx, in AV3, I tried to steal the anama treasure , but couldnt cause the shades are too strong. I went downstairs and was bombarded by the townspeople. I went to character editor to reset hostile towns, and I was able to because I saved it, but they are still angry with me. Is this a lost cause that I need to start over again? or is there something I can do to remedy this?
  3. Quote: Originally written by Scumble: The editor for which game? OUCH, sorry about that Scumble - AV3 Will make changes to title to reflect this.
  4. oooookkkkkkkkkkaaaaayyyyyyyy in AV3, I can't get the character editor to get reset the hostile towns option, or give me more gold for that matter. I have version 1.1.3 and I have downloaded the [atch for it. I am not too sure what is going on, but any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Quote: Originally written by Archmage Andrew: Yep, I'm back with some more questions ^_^' 1)Where can I get the Cure Lvl 3 spell and the Mass Cure Lvl 3 spell? Those acid attacks are tearing me to pieces. Hey Archmage Andrew, I have found that the level 3 curing can be found by the stone structure that looks like stonehenge on the isle of Bigail. I prayed and got it. As for acid I used the fungal leather armor on my strongest warrior (Pai-Mei Wan) and used rods, magic and missiles with the others. Hope this helps.
  6. hey folx, I am on the isle of kneece and have wandered around to find a four stone structure with some stairs down the middle. I am not given the option to go down them. Is there a way to do so?
  7. Hey folks I came across a bunch of iron and silver bars in AV3, and am not sure whether to hold onto them, or sell them. They are heavy and taking up lots of space. if I should sell them, where would I get the best prices?
  8. Cool, Thanx Ephesos I am looking at my character editor and see the option; BUT... I am hesitant. Should I really do this? I play the game for the sake of the experience, and I made a mistake. I should pay for the game I have played. I will ponder on this more, and make my decision. I may just end up playing without it and hoping through the natural course of the game I will learn the skill.
  9. Quote: Originally written by Thuryl: Well, there's always the character editor. I tried it, but I dont see a way to add spells.
  10. Hey everyone, I enjoy the game and have only recently found this board. I think I did a bad thing... I got the dispel barriers spell book from Ernest's room, and I no longer have it. I think I sold it or dumped it. Is there any other way to get the dispel barrier @ level 3 again? Thanx ahead for your responses and help.
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