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  1. i think you find them in the extreme south-west of the eastern gallery (the zones south of fort "whatever its name is" and maybe a bit south east from this fort too. There are no respawning monsters, except some rare ones for missions, but they don't carry equipement i think.
  2. it's worth it oh, and you can always haste your party, get it and flee
  3. i had him cornered far enough from the pylons, so he ccouldn't regenerate them. Don't know if it's the only way, because i got pretty lucky doing that
  4. it should be here when you've finished all the quests and the mayor of formello want to send you to the next town. (or maybe it's even here before)
  5. apparently not. At least, not in the part the demo allows you to play.
  6. maybe a bit off-topic, but i thought a "walkthrough" topic was the best to ask that : approximatively how many extra skill points can we hope to gain by knowledge brews/crystals by the end of the game? edit: and while we're at it, what would be a good number of arcane lore/ nature lore ?
  7. ok, i know it's my first post, but that doesn't mean i'm a noob • the text written on the bottom of the screen (you know like "your attack missed" or "you opened the door") disappears too quickly. It would be good if we could either make it appear for more or less time trough prefs. or have a log where we can access the history of what was written here. • picking up items : instead of having to drag the item to the inventory, shouldn't a simple click be enough? •journal : possibility to have manual entries. for example: "there's a locked door soutwest of "thistown", i shou
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