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  1. Emperor's works pefectly, but Eigenvalue's has more options. Either way, there's nothing wrong with either of them. Thanks a lot, both of you!
  2. I'd like to see the clearance system return, ala Exile/Avernum 2. The whole Magi/Royal Clearance thing was pretty rewarding, it gave you more of a reason to return to previous areas, and I felt a greater sense of accomplishment when I returned to said areas.
  3. If it's an edited script, however, you may just want to upload the file to sendspace/megaupload/rapidshare or another similar host.
  4. Quote: Originally written by Student of Trinity: We're especially hard on grammer. I assume you're referring to grammar? Ah, the irony.
  5. The spell system is kinda like BoA now, where you're not limited to 3 levels in any specific spell. The only "bug" is just a overlooking of putting "Learn" instead of "improve".
  6. Once you get to Blosk, if you complete a quest for the weaponsmith there (quite simple, kill a few lab rats in the back of her store), she'll offer to forge some custom items for you. Each item requires 3 fine steel, 2 focusing crystals, and a few beautiful crystals, I think. She'll build you a Radiant Plate (which requires 2 gold bars in addition to the above ingredients), a Radiant Shield (2 emeralds in addition to above), Radiant Vambraces, or a Blessed Halberd. All are great items, and the Radiant Plate is one of the best armors in the game (in my opinion, a toss-up between it and the Emer
  7. Quote: Originally written by qwerty12345: sorry this is off topic, but how do you get into formello? and how do you walk through the registration barrier? Pass the registration barrier? Uh...By registering...
  8. Thanks guys, that helped a lot. I was having some trouble with that drained slime though.
  9. How do I get through the 2nd story of the Ruins of the Tower of Magi? I've already recieved the amber key from Kelner, and I'm just trying to figure out what to do. I killed both of the Lost Automaton's, was that a mistake? Thanks in advance for your help.
  10. Quote: Originally written by arghhhhhhhhh: i agree with you, halfway... i dislike that it's mostly combat in a4 i like that that isn't mirrors etc etc what i want is mysterious plots, magical and mysterious(literaly and metaphorically) so far there isn't much of a plot.. (off topic) what i would really like if you could go down where the sliths live, that would be awesome This coming from Mr. "I'm not really going to play the game, I just want a walkthrough." Give me a break. Quit trying to sound smart by saying "mysterious (literally and metaphorically)". Do you have any idea what that
  11. Don't you guys love it when people who can't spell and have bad grammar say it's because..."they don't care?" Or maybe it's just because they're morons. But I'm going to back off a little. ARRRRRRRGH, or whatever the hell your user name is..play the game, and shut the hell up.
  12. Quote: Originally written by *i: If you want to read what happens, A4 lets you read it all in the scripts. You don't even need to register! True, but it's unedited. No spoiler markings, haha.
  13. I just started A4...(like Formello-Silvar area).. But I absolutely HATED gremlins in A3 and the others. Although their confusion nearly ever affected me, their turns took forever since they were in parties of 8, and the little sound effects were obnoxious. But I digress.
  14. Quote: Originally written by *i: True, but at least Synergy and Spring wrote in complete sentences when they were new. Haha, I concur. I'm new, by the way.
  15. Quote: Originally written by Jumpin' Salmon: Or, you could write the walkthrough and be the hero for everyone. *this message sponsored by cnet networks* Please, please, no. Did you see his first post? "soemeone plz writ a walkthrouhg?" Can you imagine the quality of that?
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