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  1. Quote: There is no way (save cheating) anyone could defeat Avernum 3 without a mage and a priest, Well it is possable - - - - With charecter editer PS Old Scratch you never answered my questoin: are you from the ambrosia boards?
  2. Old Scratch do you happen to be from the ambrosia boards? And it was just an experiment so if enough people say it's bad they'll probably switch it to the avernum engine
  3. I'd like to add on to Drakefyres' idea when your at black water go south to a boat row out go east until you get to a hut enter take everything go SE until you come to a narrow passageway enter keep going south until you get to a cave enter and bow to who do ya' call him so that you don't get the dreaded curse go west then south until you can't go south any more go east go north park your boat keep going north and expect a very un-welcoming army and I think you can pick it up from there
  4. Warning you only have one chance at getting the tip. so DON'T SCREW UP!!! It happened to me and I had to start over
  5. A3 Is Great better graphics harder enemies cool items Nightime (I only wish everybody would go to sleep at night Robbing time! }:-D )
  6. I don't really like the idea of smashing all the Geneforge weboards together. How about you
  7. Well I was wondering if Nephils were "Frailer" Then Humans or Sliths. Because every time My nephil got killed he would turn to dust even by swords. Is this true?
  8. SPOILER Use charecter editer (go to see statics-Spells Click on the spell untill three (3) coin thingies appear
  9. Well This is my opinoin but the only usefull Xian item is the coins and ale The dumb ones are the stuff you can wear including the pouch The fun ones are the shrub Tome and skull I think thats all of them Also what does the Xian Platemail Do?
  10. 499 pachters plate mail 426 ring of endless magery 430 wyrm slayer sword (have draky update this spelled sword gsword) 419 xian ale 415 xian coins 463-464 ale and wine just for fun 484 beastslayer 313-319, 322-325 mind crystales 320 thirsting blade
  11. I looked on the item list to find that there were artilary (the acid spewing slugs) eyes and the like what do they do? 423 also which editor is for mac? do they work?
  12. Probably YES considering your on tormant but on easy waste of essence
  13. What is it and personaly i like Nethrogate better then Avernum because the enemies are tougher and because they keep the yellow goblin graphics
  14. Can my creatures go rouge? I've had a speech bubble apear on my creatures but "peace button" returnes them to normal
  15. I agree Haakis are hard enough for weak NPC's also you need Repel spirit L3 in order to damage Demons and haakies Quote: They're priests of the evil gods. I'm pretty shur there demons that know preist spells Liches know top 3 preist spells and there an undead wizard
  16. I'm to lazy to read all this so I'll just answer your qustions 1 I believe you find it from athron I'm not 100% shure 2 liches 3 ice drakes 4 see a walk through I don't want to spoil it PS have you been to the Easter egg
  17. What are the names of your creatures Artilia named Slug Boy status Absorbed Artilia named Leach boy Status Absorbed Thahd named CSI thahd Thahd named Body Guard Vlish named octopus man roamer named Desert Roamer roamer named Lava roamer an ornk named Dumb Ornk Status dismissed
  18. I really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really (repeat 1000 times) like Cretecs 1 but is there any way to make them wear heavy armor? 2 what does that "curse" the witch gives you do? 3 How can you get Romans to have light spell at the beginning of the game? 4 which does more damage mellee or pole?
  19. Hello Quote: That's the bunker Sweet place you might find it a little sad though when you get the Wyrm Slayer 2 people die
  20. Beserker named IT and rocks in everything A Nephil archer A slith Preist A human Mage with thrown missles on all avernums I switch names a lot
  21. I was wondering if I should shut down control four is it really that bad?
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