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  1. I know the code for the control room (blwlb), but every time I try to put it in, my party always gets poisoned...how do I do this part?
  2. I was wondering if anyone has beaten the Lich in the Valley of the Dead in Chapter 3? I've beaten it, but I had to stock up on a LOT of Fire Orb Necklaces, Shields of Khar, Sheilding Crystals, and Shields of Klud, but a little extra for the weaker people in my party, i bought them Lifesaver Amulets...and if you have beaten it, were you able to use Capture Soul successfully on it? Cause if you can get the Lich's soul in the Soul Crystal, you can get a VERY powerful ally in future battles...sadly, I wasn't able to.
  3. I don't know if you mean for ALL Exile games, but this is for Exile 2. Sephiroth: Main bad guy from Final Fantasy 7..and I'm a big fan of him. Syko: Friend's name (not real) Haze: Brother's name (not real) Adrianna: Couldn't think of a name Bob: I'm enemies with someone at school by the name of Micheal. Feodoric: Again, Couldn't think of a name.
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