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  1. Talk to the innkeeper in delan after buying a drink, he'll say something about sprite's or something. Then go north and a pit has suddenly appeared. Go in, kill the Giant Guhkbar and he'll drop an archer's bow. Well he did on mine anyway...


    Or just go to a shop in stormport, and keep clicking shift w, until he has a archers bow for sale.

  2. I've tried t test my own scenerio's but when I try to load the file it won't let me on any of the exile trilogy games. I also tried playing other people's and it won't let me.


    It says "This is not an Exile ll save file."


    I've obviously done somethin' wrong, please help.

  3. Hey,


    There's a cave just south of the swamps of bigail, called the tomb of Gorvifal. I used the orb of sight in the place and it showed a room in the middle of the map.


    There's a corridor leading from the sign that says something like "here lies Gorvifal" Does anybody know how to get there?


    I tried looking for secret doors but I couldn't find any leading there.


    Please help!

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