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  1. I'm curious, did anyone figure out how skills and other factors influence the damage of spells and melee damage? With the code being open source it's probably not very hard to figure out I would love to know how skills affect damage in a more accurate way than personal experience. Also useful would be to know how the ability strength of an item (as set in the scenario editor) affects the damage output of a spell. Anyone know anything?
  2. After some very frustrating sneaking around, I managed to weaken and kill the stuff there (stupid Podlings!) But there's something odd. Every single crate, box, even the servile corpse which was said to have something around its neck, are completely empty. No items. Did one of you guys grab everything before me?
  3. Quickghasts are crazy. Their only weakness is low hp. Very good up to golems, then they start dying. But summon 4 of those on any big monster and they won't last long at all. Unless the monster is really strong.. Can anyone say 4 times 9 times 30?
  4. Ever tried capturing a Quickghast? It's so lamely overpowered. It easily cranks up 9 20-30 hits each round. It does have low hp though.. But still. Simulacrum is useful. Other great thing to get is slith high priest/mage
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