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  1. Found a neat way to max out cash in 10 minutes without any help from the editer.



    At least 5 alchemy skill

    Strong Curing potion recipe

    Anama rings (fake ones work too)

    Be in Lorelei


    Head to the Anama building in the south-western part of the city. Buy glowing nettle (at 15 gold each. comes in stacks of 3 for 45 gold)

    Strong curing potions need 1 glowing nettle, so cost 15 gold to make, and sell for 350 gold. Selling them is a short walk away, at the random item shop in the big building near the middle of town.


    Anyone else got quick money making tips? I'm doing a semi-editerless run (I've used it to give myself 2 piercing crystals and exactly 2 gold pieces. Should be all.) so getting mass cash at a fast rate is nice.

  2. Quote:
    Originally written by Archmage Alex:

    Still want magic spells though? Activate the alarm as though you were robbing all the treasure, go downstairs, have everyone cast Avatar, make a mad dash for either to the north exit or the dock just south of the temple, hop on the boat (without even leaving combat mode, I believe), and you have now left the Anama church without losing your preist spells and level!
    That really works?! Also, another question. If I rob the church, will I be able to use various Anama shops around the world?
  3. "If you have a larger group that includes mages, you'll be throwing away any skill points spent on mage spells in return for some priest skill. You're also giving up all hope of casting Long Light, Major Blessing, Unlock, Fireball, Firestorm, Kill, and other useful spells."


    fireball and firestorm are replacable with flamestrike and divine thud, but it would be hard to go without mainly long light and unlock. (lamps and piercing crystals would just be annoying to have to carry around in mass). If priest skill is maxed out for all characters, then you can go the cheap way and replace major blessing with avatar.


    Kill and summons would be a big loss though.

  4. kinda surprising that only 1 person mentioned pack leaders. Anyway:


    1: Pack Leader

    2: Basilisk or Ur-Basilisk

    3: Empire Archer

    4: Any high power caster. (Vahnatai Lord, Order Mage, things of that sort.)


    Edit: replaced Empire Dervish with Empire Archer. Who needs a dervish when you got Pack Leaders? Sulfras would have kicked the crap out of me if I didn't have those. :p

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