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  1. Given that we're all here because we worship Jeff and All His Works, he comes in for a surprising amount of personal criticism...
  2. How I'd love to know who Nociduas is... Ah, well, doubtlessly I'll get round to registering in a couple of years. I'm always rather (extremely) tardy about this. I hate consumables: I can never bear to sell them, in case I need them; I can never bear to use them, in case I need them later. They turn into dead weight, and overload my feeble mages, who always carry them (which is stupid from a gameplay point of view, but seems sensible). As for the lack of alchemy – pfagh! Of course, I rarely used that in Avernum, but in Exile I'd often have a character devoted purely (well, mostl
  3. QUOTE]It's a gameplay decision to differentiate swords from spears. A two-handed sword is like a spear, in much the same way that a pencil without an eraser is like a pen. Don't ever say that to somebody with artistic inclinations. I tried once, and only a visit from Hrickis enabled me to survive (I killed the mad twit a few hours ago – the quest description made me feel that there would be some conversation path out of it, but there wasn't). I'm still sulking about the way that you can't use two weapons in Avernum. I never actually did that in Exile, but that's not the point.
  4. Quote: Jeff had a kid Really? I didn't know that he was a farmer. Or is it a pet?
  5. Hold on a moment... Doesn't Avernum 4 say that every Nephil has the chance of becoming a Nephar? It's in the description of the first Nephil Chief.
  6. Oh, blast, forgot about Verella. I found her, but not the quest to which she's relevant. Who's Mother Phelps?
  7. For the two parallel plots and the shameless inclusion of GIFTS, I love Nethergate. Generally, I'll take Avernum over Exile, although I much prefer Exile 3 over Avernum 3 (for the latter lacks 'scry monster', easily my favourite spell). Geneforge, though it is still wonderful, must be placed at the bottom due to the lack of Giant Intelligent Friendly Talking Spiders. Anyways... I agree that another Nethergate would be wonderful, but also feel that a Nethergate 2 would reduce the impact of the original. Why not a 'Nethergate 0', though? A prequel! (And then Nethergate -1, of course
  8. I have, similarly, got to the end of the demo. Other than those that can't be accomplished before registration, I've finished every quest with one exception, and, but for the Testing Skeleton, I've killed every monster (except for the annoying burrowed worms and crawlers, which appear to be infinite in number). Scavenging rats appear all over the place, especially the locked buildings in the Draco farmlands. They regenerate – just run off to the other side of the area map and come back. Graymold can be purchased from the Swampwalker for 120 coins. From where can it be stolen? Al
  9. Bonjour, hallo, hello, et cetera. I adore the games of Jeff Vogel, and have played them for around six years. In terms of the Geneforge series, however, I have as yet registered only the first game (which I have completed a number of times, achieving what I believe to be all possible endings). The first Geneforge, of course, involved three factions (namely, the Obeyers, the Awakened and the Takers), and a slightly larger number of endings. Geneforge 2, as far as I can tell from the demo, seems to have four factions (the more the merrier, eh?), namely the Takers, the Awakened, th
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