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  1. if you use two weapons, with assassination, poisoned weapons and flamming enchantment on your weapons then technically you're hitting 6 times in a row. Add an avatar spell to that and you've got yourself an unstopable force that can hit 18-24 times a round, is blessed and completely invincible to damage of any kinds, including magic damage for a much longer duration than physical immunities (all granted by avatar) note however that such endevours are best left to single character parties, hehe, unless you have a lot of time on your hands. Or you could just use the editor, of course.
  2. Quote: Originally written by Drakefyre: 50, but it takes a long time. I find it extremely easy to get to level 50 with a single character party, I havn't even solved the troglo/giant plague with mine yet and he's level 45 or so. Not due to lack of ability, mind you, just havn't gotten there yet. Avatar and major summon are the single man's best friend.
  3. Nah, you can avoid the wight and ruby skeleton when going to the boss by simply not moving right after breaking down the wall and then going through the secret wall to the left. However, the wight and ruby skeleton are guarding a bit of a treasure trove... And yes, it's directly behind the riddling quick ghast. You can get there by breaking the wall next to the button he's standing in front of.
  4. yea, he was a ghast, and he was a lot easier to just kill and go past than the actual keeper of the crypt who's behind a moldy wall and a secret passage behind the ghast... so the whole riddle thing is kinda stupid.
  5. Yea, that was the first of the two riddles I came across, I think I got that one on my own... but I don't remember. I think it was something like, "I have two knives, long and red, I want to stick them in your head" Pretty simple but sometimes the easy ones can be tough if you're just not thinking on the right track. Funny thing is it might be simpler to just kill the guy to get past him ^^ it's what I usually do anyway.
  6. Oh, Pishaw, and as it turns out: I didn't need the riddle anyway, I had already gone ahead and killed everything, I thought I needed the answer to get past the poppy flower glade but really it was just because I was stepping on the flower patches... stupid two dimentional graphics. ^^
  7. ohhh thanks that makes sense now, I don't understand the "thousand tiny knives" part, I suppose it's refering to thorns but I'd say a rose would have no more than 10-20 thorns ^^ thanks again for the help, now I can finally move on.
  8. Ok, so far I've found two differant riddles in Exile III, I got the first one but this second one is definatly throwing a hitch in my get-along. The riddle I've come across is in a dryad's grove just outside of the Ursagi/goblin infested canyon in the southwestern area of the continent. You can reach it in the unregistered version but to enter it you need to have registered. Upon entering the grove you see a dryad, weeping by the entrance, an ogre has entered her grove and is destroying her gardens and killing her pets and she is enlisting you to forcably remove it. As you travel into the depths of her grove (only one party member at a time) you come upon a gremlin. He says he's there to help you but it would be ungremlin-like of him to simply help you so he has to ask you a riddle. The riddle is: "I have a thousand little knives. My hands are red and white. You can give them to your maid. To make things turn out right. What am I?" I have no clue... any hints, ideas, or just straight out answers would be very appreciated, since once you enter the grove you cannot leave, making me very much stuck in the game.
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