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  1. Essence Blade isn't temporary. Didn't you Betatest? You should know this.
  2. A similar question that has been annoying me; As recently as G3, it is mentioned that Terrestia is only one of two continents ruled by Shapers. Well, what the hell is happening to the other continent during the war? They sending any help, or just ignoring it all? Do they have their own Shaper Council, and can they een communicate and trade due to the war? Or has Jeff just ret-conned away an entire continent.
  3. The fact that I reached lvl 40 with my Singleton Agent, and managed to kill my first unbound, without taking a single step into Mera proves that a singleton Servile with focused Melee could very likely handle the Eyebeast in Lerman's Pass.
  4. Just did it with my Agent, Lvl 44. Have gone through about half of Stormplains, not entered Rebel-lands except to pick up an amulet and Black Pearl Talisman. I find Agent to be far easier to play than a Shaper, and I am considering writing small walkthrough about it. I did it with two Rotdhizons, buffed. Just lured the eye outside of his room, then ganked him with the Rots in a corner, and my Agent just healed their damage.
  5. Sod - Such a classy guy that he's a class of his own.
  6. No, I haven't been to Gazaki-Uss yet. I'v pretty much just gotten to Stormhold, and the areas around it. I have around 700 Essence, around 550 which is bound up by three creations. Perhaps I should make more, less powerful creations than stick with a few, powerful (and steadily gaining more power) ones? My tactic has worked in every game so far, but alas, I feel that you may be correct. So many rule changes require a new way of handling things. I will try the cheap tactic - Making Charged Thads and bumrushing everything, then approach with my regular force. ..And no, I most certainly will not play on anything but Torment. What kind of Spidweb player would I be if I did? I havent played any other games on anything but Torment, and I won't start now ^^
  7. I would have to say in G2, when you adopt the swamprat as an ally. Just so hilarious to have a giant rat as your only companion, and watch it slay armored humans. Plus, it's hella' cute.
  8. I haven't found a single object necessary for creating Artifacts so far (Solified Flame, Unmelting ice, etc), even though they may be in those areas that I as of yet can't handle (all Unbound areas, Western Pass, etc. Basicly, my creations are too weak)
  9. I'm on my way south, but It's a painful trip and I keep running into hard spots wherever I go. I don't have any ghlaaks. since I don't use Magic Shaping. I'v never had a need in previouse games to mix and match diffrent aspects of shaping, and I wonder if this is truely necessary in G5 aswell.
  10. It seems I keep lagging behind. I have made my way into the Storm Plains, and cleared all zones around Stormhold. Playing a shaper, I now got a new Battle Alpha (though it isn't very effecive) and two plated Clawbugs, both around lvl 40. However, this clearly isn't enough. Everywhere I go there's creations that are almost too much to handle. Those damn lightning-spraying dinos have just popped up in some zones, and on Torment they are too much for me to handle without some seriously cheap tacticts (they two-shot my creations), even the cryoas in Western Pass were a pain in the ass. Is there anywhere I can go, or should head, so that I can quickly get some fresher and better creation types, perhaps War Thralls? Astoria doesn't like me since I'm playing Pro Shaper, so that option is out of the question. My MM+SP is 14 at the moment, and my daze is sitll resisted around 75% of the time. Strong Daze anywhere to be found soon? I'm sorry to bother with such simple questions, but since no walkthrough is available yet (that I have found anyway, they usually show up on Gamefaqs) I have nowhere else to turn.
  11. Ah, good, good. Just have to call my sister in Holland and ask her about her streetaddress (she payed for it, and listed her address ofcourse, haha)
  12. Originally Posted By: Desmarestia Originally Posted By: Violet However, there is no reason to play a foolish, extremist, powermonger build. Yes there is. It's fun. What kind of roleplaying game would Geneforge be if it didn't allow you to roleplay a foolish extremist powermonger? And that just made my day.
  13. I'v already payed for the game for my Macintosh, but I'd like to have it on my PC laptop aswell. So, do I need to pay for it again, or simply e-mail Jeff? My serial number is obviously not the same, so if I download the game again for my Mac, what do I do?
  14. Seems to me that having seven creations would seriously impair your leveling-abillity. Poison and Acid has been severly boosted aswell (though this works for your own party also, since Clawbug venom now do real damage)
  15. I always play Geneforge on Torment, no matter what class or what game. And it has always been easy enough, in fact it has been a breeze. From Geneforge 2 up to 4 I could pretty much clean house with my solo agent, only ever making meatshields when a 'boss-battle' was nearby. As a Shaper, I only used one (1!) creation, buffed it to the max, and backed it up with mental magic. It worked fine throughout all the games up till the end-game, when I created an army and just slaughtered everything. Sure, it required some tacticts and hit-and-run methods, but it wasn't HARD. I always tried to play as close to solo as possible, because I dislike having pesky creations steal my XP. Geneforge 5, however, now that's a whole diffrent matter. Somehow, Torment is now actually what it is supposed to be - Torment. A bloddy pain in the a**. I play a shaper, Battle Shaping specialty (a favorit of mine, and I recently read that it has apprently been buffed in G5). I learned as soon as I left Whitespire that my solo-creation gameplay won't work in G5. "Fine", I thought. "So maybe I'll actually use more than one creationclass for once". I expanded my army from one Thrall to one thrall and two plated Clawbugs. Made with 10 in BS and 3 in skill, and buffed almost to the max with extra essence, I figured I was in the clear. The thrall was allready max buffed, and could still take care of itself pretty decent. Did this help? Nooooo. The average roamer/artilla can't touch me, but pretty much everything except from the average Rogue-creation can. Crenshaw, for instance, had an insane ammount of health and not to mention Quick Action strikes. The first time I encountered Battle Alphas next to Mera, I got my rear spanked. I tried entering the West Enterance Shadowroad when I detected it, and Stinging Clawbugs from Hell just steamrolled me. My mental magic just gets resisted (MM 8, SC 1 atm, aiming to raise it), and I spend all my time healing my poor creations. I have NEVER in a Geneforge game been forced to wait and "come back later", even on Torment. Not even that horrible Shadepit in G3, which you encountered fairly early. So, am I playing it wrong? Am I forced to run around with seven creations and let them die instead of keeping them alive? I'v read some things on the forum that seems to imply that a Shaper on Torment with Battleshaping should be a cakewalk, but even with a horde of creations..I just don't see that happening. All and all, Torment just seems to be just that..Torment.
  16. Quote: Originally written by Wojiz: 1) Reform within the Shapers. Basically, slowly transition away from a totalitarian government to a secret sect. 2) Total destruction of the rebels and the shapers. The world would be thrust into the Dark Ages, but whatever sprung from the ashes could be a government much better than the shapers... or much worse. 3) The Trakovite path; destroy Shaping, society throws off its crutches and moves on, advances, prospers. It seems like option 1 is the best path, but you can't play that way. Any ideas? Yes, we have been discussing this for some time now on these Forums (most recently in the "G4 Poitics Revised" Topic), and some of us, including me, have come to the same conclusion as you do; Namely that option number 1, that of Shapers learning and evolving, would be the wisest. The reason that you can't play this way in game is that in game, people have allot of prejudice, and greed, and anger, and loss, etc etc, to befuddle their minds. And they don't have all the facts either, like we do. But you CAN play as a Pro-Shaper, and hope that in G5, the Shapers have evolved slightly. Afterall, it only takes eons and eons to make a difference..
  17. Quote: Originally written by Emperor Tullegolar: Quote: Originally written by Contra: Oh, by the way, I have to fall back, atleast a tiny bit, on my "Caninsters are damnation" standpoint. I just encountered Litalia in G4, and she seems to have been able to cure her mind to a rather vast degree (compared to G3), even with her extensive Canister use. Very interesting indeed. Litalia is just as insane, if not more so, than any other canister user. She is arrogant to the point of forgetting you are in the room with her. She probably doesn't attack you outright because she doesn't sense a threat. What's more interesting would be a canister user's reaction to another who is similarly enlightened. At one point, you meet up with someone who has used canisters (I forget who) and if you have used them as well the game says you have a mutual respect for each other's powers. This leads me to believe that there would be peace if everyone used canisters, rather than the absolute chaos people seem to fear so much. I seriously doubt that a world ruled by arrogant madmen who's only intentions and purpose of life is to garner more and more power would include mutual respect and peace. There would soon be Canister-powered, insane Warlords who pitted creations against eachother, all striving to be the one on top. The big dog. ..And after a few years, or decades, maybe one actually manages to become the absolute ruler of a realm (or the world?) with treachery and through raw force. This person would probably take controll of all canister use and creation, making sure noone could threaten him/her with equal power. Then we'd have Shaper society again, untill the next rebellion..
  18. ..Now that I have read the story provided from the temple I will have to say that I am very pleased with how Jeff builds his stories. So, the Shapers doomed themselves once, just as the Rebels will. I wonder if any of the Shaper Council knows this very old truth, and perhaps that is why they are so fierce in their persecution of illegal Shaping? Oh, by the way, I have to fall back, atleast a tiny bit, on my "Caninsters are damnation" standpoint. I just encountered Litalia in G4, and she seems to have been able to cure her mind to a rather vast degree (compared to G3), even with her extensive Canister use. Very interesting indeed.
  19. Quote: Originally written by Zeviz: Based on the history from ancient temple in Geneforge 1, it seems to me that Shapers started out as a kind of Trajkovites: survivors of the devastating shaping wars that destroyed the old Sulica civilization, who tried to impose strict controls on Shaping to prevent the repeat of such disasters. However, as SoT describes, that control was never as firm as they'd hoped for, and eventually one of the experiments got out of controls, producing canisters at the time when they could do the most damage. ..I remember hints in G1 of the people who lived there before (the ones who are now shades) used to shape, but I never actually went into the Ancient Temple (don't know why, really. Took too much effort, possibly) - So, enlighten me, please. Were these shades actually some sort of proto-shapers?
  20. It's been a long time since I posted here. Heck I haven't even finished G4 yet, and I'v been gone from these forums for almost two years now. Still, these discussions always draw me back. So let's get to it, eh? In all honesty, as many have pointed out, the Rebellion couldn't survive without the Drakons. And if the Drakons were gone, they would support the Rebels because they then have the moral highground. Okey, fair enough - A bunch of people fighting Shaper dictatorship, corruption, arrogance and, in some cases, slavery (for the creations). Sounds nice, doesn't it? There's just one catch, that most people seem to forget; Canisters. That's right. Even with the Drakons gone, the Rebels would never survive without Canisters (G4 points this out, and it's obviouse throughout the series that without this power, fighting the SHapers is pointless). Problem is, Canisters make you inte an arrogant, ravaging madman who can't accept anything but submission and uttermost "respect" from anyone who isn't as "pure" as they are. In essence; Exactly like the Shapers, except the Shapers can actually controll themselves if they have to. So even without the Drakons, the Rebels are doomed. Because when (and IF) they actually knock off all the Shapers and win the war, the now "purified" humans would seek to continue their quest for power, and take the role as shapers. Serviles and lesser creations to obey them, and Drayks most likely being threated as enemies and hunted all over again (becuase they are proud, afterall, and won't show the proper "respect" for Purified humans) - And we'd have Rebelion all over again, sooner or later. I remember when we discussed the same thing, a long, long time ago. Might have been G2, but I think it was G3. Student of Trinty made the same point I did; That Rebels are too uncontrollable and powermad to make any good, even IF they managed to take charge and that change must come from within, from the Shapers. It might take centuries, but slowly more liberal ways could evolve. Like the fact that pitting creations against eachother is now illegal (but it hasn't always been, as told in G1). The SHapers are wrong, but they CAN change. The Rebels are doomed by the very power they need to stay alive. (Ever played G1 and used the Geneforge, then destroyed it so that noone else can use it? Do that, and imagine that you did it to get enough power to help the Rebelion, or Awakened to win their fight. You'll see what I mean.) Edit: Typos. I'm tired, and I type too fast.
  21. I'm back on the boards. I'v been checking Spidweb about once a week, getting more and more frustrated about the slow release. Well, now it's here! Good to see you all again - Contra.
  22. Quote: Originally written by Student of Trinity: It's okay not to make it too hard to finish the game. But there should be an additional 'ultra' ending that is more challenging. Perhaps with careful planning one could make a combat which is straightforward on Easy but impossible on Torment without great cunning. Or perhaps there could be an extra Easter Egg that is really hard. Something like the latter is a Geneforge tradition now, having not one but two extra super-tough areas that are not necessary to beat to end the game. So just ramp those up a bit, and give them more point. How much could one last hard part at the end really hurt sales? Email this to Jeff, I acutally think he will give it some seriouse consideration. Anything that makes a game playable more times is something that he will likely include.
  23. I always try to save my allies, no matter what game, so I kill the Pylons first, then I ask the Vahanati to join me.
  24. I ran down to the Tower Colony and solved their problems before I got back to the Mertis Spiral, but that's because I ran out of Piercing Crystals.
  25. Quote: Originally written by *i: The other place to learn it is in the ruins of Harston in the Giant Lands east of the Abyss. However, there is no person who teaches the spell as with Bolt of Fire, etc. ...And even if you can find a spellbook with Dispell Barrier, a very powerful spell, there isn't a single book in the game that will teach you Bolt of Fire. A tad annoying.
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