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  1. Yes, I am interested, especially since those effects involve elements of randomness that I cannot get around.
  2. Yes, you are completely correct. I've edited my post to keep others from assuming otherwise.
  3. Originally Posted By: Niemand That's not the only random factor, depending on your setup. Armor, for instance, would really add a lot of confusion, since it has both a random chance of taking effect and a random blocking range. Unless you were very careful you will need multiple trials. I also went ahead and created a bare-minimum creature that wouldn't have natural armor or items ( the default goblin has a chance of having a number of armor pieces ). Try attacking this creature and tell me if you see any change in your damage. Code: begindefinecreature 234; clear; cr_name = "Humanoid Dummy"; cr_level = 1; cr_hp_bonus = 1000; cr_which_sheet = 1521; cr_default_attitude = 4; cr_species = 1; //cr_start_item 0 = 445; //cr_start_item_chance 0 = 100; Also, about armor. You said that it has "a random chance of taking effect". Going solely by your numbers ( since no one including myself has posted any ) Neither of your characters did either 102 ( Gerald ) or 52 ( Harald ) which would be, according to my findings is what they should be doing ( if the creature had no armor ). Obviously one can argue that the random numbers were biased but from my testing ( commented-out item in the above code was a 1-1 damage sword ) my character, wearing only pants, always took one point of damage less than what he should have ( they protect 1-1 ). When I took them off of him ( dirty ), he then always took the full damage. Niemand is correct. I wanted to dump all of the specifics of each race, skill, trait, et cetera but unfortunately there are some random factors I cannot go around and I have not had the time to make a great number of trials for everything. For now, I'm settling on simply providing the effects of the species. HumanNo effect SlithExperience: 20% penalty. Fire Resistance: 30% added. Pole Damage: 2 + 1/8 level added dice. Pole Accuracy: ( 3 + 1/8 level ) * 5% added. NephilExperience: 10% penalty. Dexterity: 2 + 1/7 level added. Missile Damage: 2 + 1/10 level added dice. Missile Accuracy: ( 3 + 1/10 level ) * 5% added. While creatures also get these bonuses, I have not checked the other species using one. Now that I think about it, that would be important for any scenario designers ( although I doubt their advantages go beyond what is stated in the scenario editor document ). The experience penalties were easy to figure-out, as was the Nephil's bonus to dexterity since that is one of the few stat bonuses that actually show. The missile and pole bonuses were deducted from again using weapons that do 1-1 damage and no skill points placed into any skills. A human using either a bow or pole weapon will have a forty-five chance to hit against a creature at level one like my dummy creature ( base of forty, plus ten percent because of the two points in dexterity, minus five for the one point of dexterity a level one creature has ). I then used another character of a different race to determine that race's base bonuses, and then leveled them one level at a time using the High Level Party-Maker and noting when that character's accuracy or damage-dealt increased. Also, please remember that in addition to the Nephil's bonus to damage and accuracy, their bonus to dexterity further adds to that. So a Nephil with Natural Warrior who never puts a single point into a missile-related skill could easily maintain decent damage and accuracy with a bow to keep it as a secondary weapon and can then focus on other things. At higher levels accuracy may become a slight issue with the rate that creatures gain dexterity... a level forty-two character ( built as described ) attacking an equally leveled creature would have seventy-five percent accuracy and only an average of eighty-seven damage with a blessed crossbow. Okay, maybe a few skill points would be needed.
  4. Originally Posted By: Enraged Slith How many trials did you run? You only need to do it once if you elimate the random factors. That's why I mentioned using weapons that do one to one damage ( always one ) per level.
  5. A week or so ago, after almost a year of not touching Blades of Avernum, I regained my interest in the game. While my resurrected interest in the game was more for playing the game, when I began to create new characters and ponder the paths they'll take it led me to question what the real, actual effects of the various races, skills, traits, et cetera have on the game. After careful testing with a quickly-created scenario and various 1-1 damage weapons I discovered a few surprises. I searched the Blades of Avernum boards on this forum to see what other people had discovered while I was testing everything and noticed a few differences on what people were saying, and my conclusions. The only possible answers for these differences is that either we're playing different games or everyone here is wrong and I am your savior for pointing out your sins and leading you back to the holy road. An example of our differences: Make a new party of two characters of the same race and custom type, with no skills raised and no traits. Raise one character's dexterity to one hundred. Raise the other character's sharpshooter to one hundred. Then equip them with the same type of bow and same type of arrows. By the information I've seen posted here, the character with the sharpshooter skill should out-do the other in damage. From my testing, however, the character with the one hundred dexterity out-did the other character in damage dealt to my unfortunate enemies. Where is your god now? Oh, and at least sharpshooter's one added die of damage per two skill levels is not as bad as blademaster's one per three skill levels ( making me wonder if everyone's love for that skill stems from the assumtion that the harder it is to obtain the prize, the better that prize is ).
  6. After five seconds of testing, creatures, by default, always have four Action Points regardless of level.
  7. I am currently working on a scenario where the opening quest is to assassinate the leader of a certain faction. I wanted the idea of this particular mission to be on the stealthy side ( although if you have a god party I'm sure you could just slam you way through it ). To make it more interesting I wanted to have the success of the various obstacles ( by obstacles I mean sneaking around and the such ) to depend on the character's dexterity, intelligence, assassination, tool use, and gymnastics. Because I'm not yet sure what level I wish to aim it on, and also just to get a feel for what the levels of these skills are in other people's parties, could you, if you don't mind, post a reply to this with the character with the highest dexterity, intelligence, assassination, tool use, and gymnastics ( overall ) in your party? Level of the character would also be nice to know. So could you please with a cherry on top? Oh, and sorry for the run on sentence.
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