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  1. Try to complete all the trials. That was a tough one for me.
  2. Quote: Originally written by Kelandon: Somebody must be nearby. If you steal something in a truly empty room, you can get away with it. If BoA is anything to judge by, Avernum handles line-of-sight sort of weirdly, so that you may not be able to see people, but they can see you. Bear in mind that most places have a crime tolerance of 2, so you can steal one thing without making the town hostile. It must be one of the Castle servants then. Thanks for the advice.
  3. Quote: Originally written by WonkoTheSane: As long as the door is closed, you can murder without them getting angry at you. Best part of A4, IMO . Speaking of which, and bear with me since this might be construed as a noob-ish question...but how can I steal something in a seemingly empty room? For example, I'm in the Castle and there's a chest with an icy geode I wouldn't mind having for a quest. The geode has a "NY" on it, but as far as I can tell I'm the only one in the room with no NPC's around anywhere. Yet, each time I snatch te item I get the dreaded "Your crime was seen" mess
  4. The quest you get from the Smith in Fort Monastery where he asks you to bring him bars of iron, does that stay on your quest list forever (like a similar one in Geneforge 3)? I've brought him 6 iron bars so far and he just pays me gold, but the quest still remains on my list.
  5. Quote: Originally written by Wotan: On another note, I also cleared 80% of the cave wusing spray acid and enduring armor before I remembered that help could be obtained in the Honeycomb. That's exactly what I ended up doing. In fact, I even killed the undead mayor before I managed to get the blessing. Acid Spray is your friend!
  6. Quote: Originally written by Croikle: Talk to Kelner in the Tower of the Magi. He'll teach you if you clear out the "evil presence" in the ruins. Ah. I had a hell of time trying to beat that demon (forgot his name) in the Tower of Magi ruins so I gave up for the time being and moved onto other quests. I'll try it again tonight now that my party is stronger than it was during my last attempt.
  7. Quote: Originally written by Mandatory Autorecyclinlg: I think Piercing Crystals cast Dispel Barrier at a specific low level that cannot be altered. Because of this, you'll need to learn Dispel Barrier and have a reasonably powerful mage if you want to pass all the barriers. As far as I know, the only way to test barriers is to save and reload. —Alorael, who gave up on Piercing Crystals as soon as he had the spell. About how much further until I get the opportunity to learn dispel barrier? In terms of the progress I've made in the game, currently I'm at Patrick Tower.
  8. Maybe I'm just overlooking something obvious, but is there some way of knowing whether or not a piercing crystal is powerful enough to take down a barrier? I've wasted a few of these crystals trying to dispel blue barriers only to be told that the crystal isn't strong enough. On other occassions, they'll work just fine. Does the "tool use" skill come into play at all with these?
  9. Quote: Originally written by Oberonsal: Uh oh. After being attacked on the way to Formello, I attacked everyone back. Um, killed everyone including the tailor and the butcher. Found a note which said something like "attack advenurers" so.... I thought I was defending myself. Yuck, do I need to start the game over? AL Personally I don't use them, but there's a cheat code that allows you to have the game "forget all crimes"
  10. Well, lucky for me Mr. Crenshaw was alive and well when I found him. Why I never bothered to check that out-of-the-way region is beyond me, but the quest is complete now. Thanks all.
  11. Quote: Originally written by Steppery: He's in the house northwest of Camp Samuels and the orchard full of fungi. —Alorael, who was a little baffled by that one too. Hmm. I could have sworn I scoured that area whilst looking for him. Thanks though...I'll check again and hopefully cross this quest off my list of things to do!
  12. Probably a basic question, but for the life of me I can't seem to find this Crenshaw fellow. I got a quest in the Fort Samuel region requiring me to find 8 orchard slime polyps (which I successfully collected) and now I can't seem to find Crenshaw so I can complete the quest. The hint book doesn't reveal his location.
  13. My first time through the game I went all-out loyal. Though I didn't know about the canisters until later in the game. The second time through I chose the rebel route just to see what would happen.
  14. Do you have these glitches with other games? Possible video card issue is my guess at this point.
  15. Quote: Originally written by VCH: Yes generally I found dialogue triggers to not always function. At times I would completely kill everything in a certain room, then on my way out the initial description of the room would trigger. Now that I think about it, I've noticed this on several occassions as well. In particular, right before a major battle (like the chitrach queen or even Hrickis) you can see the enemies on screen and even cast a few spells before the dialog sometimes triggers. It just seems to lag a bit at times.
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