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  1. alright...i dont know who alorael is, but everyone at least has to give him credit for having a good sense of humor. he made me laugh...props.
  2. yeah, that whole height thing is another sad loss. we have these new graphics, but no height? no hidden walls, no darkness... its just so geneforge...which i like, but...i liked avernum too.
  3. i guess it just seems slower for some reason...lol.
  4. alright...so, im one of those people who likes the games to be separate. i like geneforge, and i like avernum...but i dont want one unified type of gameplay. whats with the geneforge graphics in the game though? the avernum characters were already cool. and whats up with only having two options for nephilim and the slith? racism...hahaha. j/k. *what is with barely being able to move during fight mode? it was much better when you at least had some mobility. its worse than geneforge and avernum. *what is with not having a character editor? yes, its cheating, but it speeds things up, and
  5. um, what are they for, and where is the left one.
  6. umm...i just saw another one of these types of posts a few subjects down...so, if a moderator wants to close this, i wont really be too offended. sorry. lol
  7. this isnt a poll, this is completely open ended...but, be remotely serious. like, how do you want the game to start, new creations, new spells, new power, new factions, storylines...etc. and i want to say before i start this...i completely respect the spiderweb software people and the wonderful games they create, im not trying to be insulting in anyway, i was just saying that i had thought of some things and maybe other people had too. personally, i think it would be pretty sweet to continue with this line of different types of shapers. For example, in the first game, you were a shipwrec
  8. ok...first, the part i didnt like. the whole game implied that we would get to use the geneforge or something. especially near the end when litalia was talking about how someday, you can be shaped by Akahri Blade, or however you spell it...just like litalia has been shaped by him. and then when you are in the geneforge area, she says that she has been shaped, and that you will get to use it too once you know what you want to be...and i was like...oh cool! but....no. and then...Ghaldring. a potentially interesting character...but that was the huge surprise that was lurking in gazak-uss...
  9. ok...so maybe you just missed it...but in geneforge games you need to talk to everyone thouroughly. killing before exhausting all possible conversation options is always a bad thing. if you remember, or maybe you dont, if you asked "wait, there is a key somewhere?" or something to that effect, i dont exactly remember, the warden will say something like, you wont need it. and then it says that you notice that his eyes look to the northwest i think. anyway, the key is somewhere in the wardens room. then you just have to clear the central path through the prison to the exit, go talk to the servil
  10. omg...i think im gonna cry... HALLELUJAH!!!!
  11. first>>>excuse all of the freakin arrows> im using a windows computer right now and it wont let me use numbers or punctuation marks> so all arrows like this ">" are periods> the others are commas< you get it> anyway< like many of you< i am openly addicted to the geneforge series< they are just so darn entertaining> i think its because there is a philosophical approach in these games that the others dont seem to possess> what my point is>>>i would almost prefer it if the planned date was in april and it actually came out in early_is
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