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  1. Hmm, homicidal run-through would be a good idea. Tough, but good. I'll give it a shot, but it may take me a while, so don't hold your breath.
  2. ARG!!!!!!!!! Ok, so I played a game all the way to Rising, then after killing Stanis, I saved, and when I went back to Barzal, I got stuck in a dialogue loop. (You just say "I have killed Stanis" over and over again). So... I started an entirely new game, played all the way up to Rising again, FORGAVE Stanis, only to find out that I was stuck in the same dialogue loop with Barzal (You just say "Ok" over and over again) moral of the story: I hate Geneforge 2.
  3. Originally Posted By: Uberdhizon Rotdhizons plural?? How do I get enough essence? Perhaps I should go with Rotghroths instead... finally have that army I've fantasized about... or maybe an army of rotdhizons! Oh, yeah. The essence. Edit: I didn't even need to fight anyone. It was easy. Thanks. Not enough INT? I have 5 Rothzidons with me
  4. Works like a charm on my intel. Still no way to play in windowed mode, huh?
  5. Originally Posted By: Vempele Originally Posted By: Fringy MacGee I didn't think to try destroying, releasing, then destroying the agent. is this possible? Just releasing it accomplishes all three. Just like you don't have to visit the Shadow Road several times to find it for everyone. Nice! I'll update my original post then. Thanks.
  6. I don't get it. I mean, I believe you are right about doing all of Taygen's quests first, since completing the agent probably won't screw anything up, but Alwan's quest is to destroy the agent, Then the trakovite quest is to sabotage (release) the agent. Then astoria's quest is to destroy it again. I didn't think to try destroying, releasing, then destroying the agent. is this possible?
  7. If you join someone (Taygen), that automatically means leaving your previous allegiance (Alwan). Alwan isn't too pissed off surprisingly, if you tell him, he says something like "Well, I'm glad you had the guts to say it to my face". p.s. I'm still trying to figure out how to Join/Leave all factions, but I'll just say this: Leaving Astoria faction makes it impossible to complete the first trakovite quest.
  8. I'll explain in more detail later in the "Powergaming Sects" thread, but basically: Join Alwan, Join Taygen, Switch Reputation to Rebels (via quests and opinions), Then Join Astoria. The Trakovites one you can get without swearing, and the Rebels one you can get by sneaking in Ghaldring's lab.
  9. Seriously? Nobody's found out how to get into that SE room yet? HELP!!! Oh and btw, I have all 5 keys, in one game, without cheating.
  10. Okay, I wanted to play through everything before weighing in. I'll agree that while it is open-ended enough to allow the PC to be anyone you want, there are too many hints that point towards you being the G3/G4 PC (probably 4) which is... AWESOME!
  11. Originally Posted By: othersean So it sounds like you should be able to do Alwan then Taygen. Then, if you've carefully saved up pro-rebel conversation options and quests, you might be able to go back for Astoria and the Trakovites, then finally kill everyone for Ghaldring. I haven't done the numbers, and I don't think I have any saves from which I could conveniently try this, but it seems at least possible. Cool, I will definitely try this, when i get a chance. I'll save as many convo options as i can for the switch to rebels.
  12. Thanks to the magic of not having a job, and a girlfriend who is also hooked on Geneforge, I have now confirmed answers to my questions. Question 1: Is there a way to get/complete all non-faction quests? Answer: Definitely. With High Leadership and a middling reputation, you can do all the non-faction quests. Just grab all from one side, switch reputation with opinions and quests and grab the other. Just remember to finish all the quests in a town before pissing off that town (say, by leaving their faction. For example, I never got rewarded for killing Bennhold ) Question 2:
  13. Ah, thanks for the tip Randomizer. In all the Geneforge games, I've never found a reason to pump any shaping skills past 5. Seriously, because I'd rather put it into INT. But I'll give it a try.
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