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  1. I have a few suggestions for G4 -Maybe Awakened can come back, but under a leader that seems to follow thier morals, but it actually a shapeshifting shaper or creation who wants to takes the power of the geneforge(if its at the end of this) and no matter what path you take, you have to kill him/her/it -Another choice from the origional 3. Seperatists. A bunch of Shapers, civilians, and others who want to seperate from the shaper laws, but keep shaping and keep thier control over creations. A (or close to) Pure Evil sect. You join them, you have to force your way to the top, and defen
  2. I didn't beat him then. It's freaken hard with undead coming at me from behind, and him and his demon blowing me apart from the front
  3. wht about my villain ideas? Any comments or personal additions/subtractions? Edit: The idea for dragons as a sort of side-quest is a great idea, Vicheron. I have a little addition though. The dragons and thousands of weakers monsters have been incited to attack the Empire and some parts of Avernum. The 3 elder dragons could be bosses put in between the middle of the game and the end.
  4. I have a couple ideas for new villains AND new species. Villains- A Avernite/Empire Arch-Mage(super sorcerer) trying to become a god by collect the spirit or essence of the most powerful NPC's in Avernum and the Empire. At the end, you can decide to release the collected spiritual energy(could be in a giant jar or a spire or something) or absorb it A giant revolt of monsters and bandits in Avernum, forcing the survivors to the surface. You have to gain the trust of a general or two to be able to go below-ground. You have to reinfoce the few Avernite-controlled cities and outposts, an
  5. If Hiricks is the Vahnati, I slaughtered him. I just cast all the basic boosting spells, summoned a ton of creatures, and rushed him. Killed all 4 of his healing things(danm that poision hurt) then taken him out with my Slith soldier
  6. Yah, keep up the good work Jeff. And if you ever do start on a multiplayer game, we know it'll be awsome like all the others.
  7. First of all, I'd like to say I'm happy about my topic being such a success. Quote: Originally written by *i: Quote: Originally written by Glafna: I'm optomistic about all of the Spiderweb games. Apparently you have not been around Spiderweb very long. It isn't because I havn't been around a long time like some of the older players, but I have played every single Averenum and Geneforge and found them to my liking, a good decent break from all the crap of todays violent games, sex filled enviornment, and with a brother who makes me want to litereally kill him, it is a very ni
  8. Alorael/Opalias- Thanks for the feedback.[ Contra-ooooookkkkkkkaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy. Not exactly how I would put it. And you ARE aware that Jeff has a job outside Spiderweb, right?
  9. I remember him saying in an interview that he has a couple friends helping him full time(meaning that they're desingers who work alongside Jeff) and that there are several other people who help him from time to time(it's the impression I got) And anyway, I'm pretty sure Jeff could hire a couple of decent part-time desingers if he got more buisness
  10. Prometheus- I mean that we should help him advertise so he gets more money, therefore has more funding for games, therefore more and batter games. Off Topic=Have you played Age of Mythology: The Titans? It's because I remember the name from the game and its one of the things I remember most.
  11. Opalias, the site looks pretty good. Have you played "Pillars of Garendell"? It looks good, but I'd like a review from a fellow Avernite
  12. Sorry if we made the impression we were going to start arguing Jeff, but I don't think anyone here is saying you perfer Mac over Windows. It more us discussing Macintosh, Windows, and Linux
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