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  1. Starting The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson. First Sanderson book I'll read.
  2. I'm thinking of trying my hand at sous vide venison for tomorrow night. Perhaps I'll have that to go along with some nice fish paté as an appetizer. I'll have to wake up early.
  3. I probably played that on a LC300.
  4. I'm wondering what to cook tonight. I could cook lasagna, and I could cook fish. Maybe I should cook both! I'll describe the lasagna later. Stay tuned!
  5. If you were roleplaying some game or other, what kind of character would Alorael be? What about Nine thousand six hundred and three?
  6. Don't give up! I look forward to trying this out. Perhaps I should try to dig out my copy of BoA from wherever I might have it stowed away.
  7. Somehow I'd always taken you for a Pythagoreanist. Just how wrong I was! What kind of wine do you drink with that?
  8. I cannot believe that I'm reading a thread connected to BoA and thinking "I can't wait to play that!". I haven't played BoA in so many years! Will there be a mage duel? Or a couple of dragons duking it out? Or, you know, snort-fire-out-of-their-nosrtils out or whatever dragons do. Anyway, good luck with the work ahead!
  9. Hello Iffy! I hope life treats you well. The world would be made quite a lot richer if you found the time to throw out another BoA scenario one of these days!
  10. This summer I became the proud owner of a set of Chasseur cookware. My favourite thing to cook is a variation of Normandy Pheasant. So I begin by cooking a lot of onions, mushrooms, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, and maybe some parsley root in butter on a big pan. That goes into the bottom of the dutch oven. Then I season a chicken. Last time I seasoned it with sage, a bit of lemon pepper, rose pepper and thyme. Then I fill up the dutch oven with sliced apples. My mother in law was close to critical condition from overeating last time we brought her over. I also had some sourdough bread from some ridiculously overpriced and fancy bakery. Was worth it. And then there's the wine. I very much prefer red wine, but I'll settle for obscene amounts of white wine or rose. I like ending an enormous meal with ice cream. Vanilla ice with strawberries and some warm chocolate sauce. Whipped cream, too.
  11. I probably should get around to finishing The Lies Of Locke Lamorra. On what I have gotten through these past few weeks, "De Norske Vikingesverd", by Jan Petersen, was lovely. Old Norwegian is far more beautiful and readable than I expected. Can't understand any kind of written Danish, though. It is a real shame. I'll need to find a good book for christmas. Preferably with wizards and castles and old dragons and feasts. Any recommendations?
  12. A book on the history of glassmaking. I'm also trying to bash my way through "The Lies of Locke Lamorra", but I quite dislike the non linear writing. Constantly leaving baits to keep the reader interested. Bad writing in my opinion. Anyone read a history book lately? Anything they care to share their opinion on? I have a bunch of marine/ocean related books I just can't stay interested in. I should read them, bu I don't. Then there's chemistry in school. Does it never end?
  13. And, a tangent on the moonlessness thought, what if earth were a moon of a gas giant? I know no reason why it should be inhospitable. I do know the sky would be quite a bit more amazing than it is on our earth! Also, I have often wondered about Jeffs cavescape idea. Could large caves form and remain stable as a planet of certain geological/geochemical composition cools down? Most matter contracts on cooling, maybe not enough for such large caves to form. Not that I have any concrete facts on this subject.
  14. One thought I have pondered over for years: what if the ancient greeks had had fossil fuels? (ie. Easily accessible gas, oil or coal.) They had basic steam engines worked out, and knew of the existance of electricity. Maybe, if they had actually had motive and possibility to advance their engines, well, who knows? (edit: spelling fixed)
  15. They posted a screenshot! It's simply amazing. Not sure what I expected, but this blew me away. Here it is: http://media.obsidian.net/eternity/media/screenshots/0001/PE-TempleEntrance01-1920x1080.jpg I hope linking to such is not illegal in these forums. This does'nt count as advertizing does it?
  16. Most of the games Obsidian has made do not appeal to me simply because of the settings. This one, on the other hand, I'm quite excited for. I wonder if the game creators work better when the only object is to make a good game for the sake of making a good game, rather than to simply meet the goals of some investor? Either way, I'm going to take part, just don't know by how much. My nations currency is the biggest obstacle.
  17. So my mother is visiting the US and I wanted to ask her to buy books for me while shes there. the cause being that taxes on books are insane where I live. I'm mostly interested in books on chemistry and perhaps forrestry. What bookstores in the US sell these kinds of books? Would those be Unoversity bookstores? Either way I'm having trouble finding this out using Google, which is unusual. Any pointers would be appreciated. She's going to be in Florida if that matters.
  18. Aww, I have all this pent up spamming from years of lurking, and was ready to let it all spill out. Back to the shadows I guess. Drakefyres disappearance admittedly completely hopeless dreams of a Marathon custom title, but what would dreams be if they all could come true?
  19. I can't find the title list. How much do I need to post to day to become a Triad Mage before the titles are changed again? Or was Triad Mage a custom title, I can't remember. A noble undertaking it will be either way.
  20. Congratulations, sir! This outstanding show of productivity should not go unawarded. But knowing the adminastors it probably will.
  21. Regarding monster hordes, I somewhat fondly remember attacking the Empire Guard pass points in E2 and fooling around with the huge amount of Guards that would spawn. In memory they were around 30-40 at each point. With each Guard having around 200 hit points, which was an awful lot in Exile. I would cast Mass Charm, and watch the massacre. Took an awful lot of time too. I think I ended one such with quickfire. (I realize these don't actually count as random encounters, but no matter.) I don't think the player was really meant to be able to get through these by fighting, not before the point they had served their plot purpose anyway. Either way, I think Jeff bungled the Imperial hierarchy somewhat from Exile to Avernum. Avernum was overall a lot easier than Exile (Or did I just get wiser?) and most of the Imperial soldiers seemd much much tougher. Imperial Archers would cause massive damage, Blademasters were real badasses, and Dervishes were immensely tough. In my memory Angierach was nightmarishly difficult in E2, but not so much in A2.
  22. Read the Drizzt books a decade ago. I found the Icewind Dale trilogy much better than the Underdark series.
  23. ...so that I can get back to the library to study. This(Spidweb) is the one place I know where I'm sure I can find people that share this feeling. Anyway, I love a good library, not that I have seen many quality ones in my life. My University library has a small window adjacent to every desk, and a moat thingy surrounding it, so in winter one can sit and watch the snow dance around in the wind on the waters surface. Other than that it's not really great, I'm sure even the Chernobyl library has a better selection of books. Please share your ideal studying location, if applicable.
  24. What is this talk of subtitles? And also, yay. Bringing outdoors back is a great step. Looking forward to this one!
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