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  1. My god we need the source code for this editor! lol
  2. Hey, Thuryl, could you further explain that variable town entry node? To obtain such a powerful item, the party may have to be high-level anyway.
  3. Hmm... all these methods sound kinda iffy. Though some of them are rather ingenious. Meh, it was just a cool thing my scenario would have. Not really crucial. Thanks for the fast replies though. Perhaps there are other ways...
  4. When asked why he hasn't released the source code in an E-mail, Jeff sent me back this message; Quote: "It is something we might do some day, but there are legal issues involved. We need to go carefully before we do something like this. " Unquote Is there a reason that the Blades of Avernum editor source code was released so quickly? Wouldn't that be a far greater loss of profit to Spiderweb than releasing for BoE?
  5. Okay, as an example, say I wanted to have a Special Item that takes the players party to a secluded town, Perhaps the item is the town but magically shrunken. The problem, how will the town that the players have been in be remembered when they return? This probably wouldn't work at all, considering that even if I did mark the entrance to every town in a stuff done flag, whats to stop them from gating back into a wall? I suppose it could be told that this is a risk of the magic item, but that'd be kinda cheap... Any ideas?
  6. Well, how many replies did you expect in two hours? Not trying to be mean...
  7. I think that despite BoE's somewhat numerous flaws, it still retains much power, flexibility, and simplicity. An update would be all this editor needs to go from "Good" to "Great!".
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