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  1. Hey Koth thanks for the tip I didn't know that. Maybe when I retry torment I'll try that. But I still Like hedge wizard with pure spirit AND natural mage it's like getting an archer, a paladdin(SP?), Two Priests, AND two mages. This way you can double whammy the lightning one round and double whammy the healing/curing the next. Plus your buffs can be cast in the half the time. Still a GREAT TIP though.
  2. Sorry for posting in two parts but I'm at the library and comp time is limited. Another plus to bows is no thorn effect plus less likely to parry. The thorn effect is where when a character is struck with a sword the attacking character is also damaged. Plus archers don't have to be right next to an enemie(SP?) to attack. Now people here have made good points about blades having more varied bonuses. Which is why I recommened making a nephil archer with deadeye AND NIMBLE FINGERS. IN MY OPINION the bonus to first aid and lock picking makes nimble fingers a good trait. Furthermore I am awar
  3. self Deleted due to double posting
  4. I respect Your opinions but I still think A nephil archer with deadeye and nimble fingers is as good or better than a swordsman plus I quickly came accros a Blessed Longbow and Farsight Band. Plus some where around exodus you get a cloak for archers. The deadeye cloak I think. Plus DIDN'T ANYBODY here notice nimble finger gives a bouns to first aid as well. By making my archer a nephil I get bonuses from deadeye and Race. Between bonuses and equipment I have yet to spend ANY SKILL POINTS AT ALL for bows. As for shields being negligible (SP?) that's why you go for ones with stun resistance and/
  5. As You might guess I don't like sliths. First they're Racial experience penalty is to high. If you want decent Traits (The ones >10% Penalty) you go above 30% total and In my opion >30% makes the game to hard. Second The only poles I've liked were all two handed and I ain't Going shieldless. Please excuse the poor formatting. It looked right on my cmop. But the forum ain't cooperating. This is a guide to what in my opion is the best Party Composition. You'll have a party highly skilled in Archery, Lockpicking, Melee, and Very Highly skilled in both types of magic. Party Desig
  6. I don't know about others but I have the lastest directx and open gl and I still have this problem.
  7. Go to setting click graphics extras to draw all
  8. Originally Posted By: AaronC Can't seem to find the colors I have. Just the base default skins for the characters. Guess all hope is lost then huh setting the graphic extras option to draw all will fix that. you don't have to edit the script files.
  9. I've noticed this thread with people talking about altering the graphic files to get the custom coloring for thier charater's. I guess NOBODY AT ALL notice the settings option entitled "Graphic Extra's". All you have to do is click on it so it say's "Draw All". This way you aren't stuck with the base color's.
  10. My Error Till now I got a 404 message when trying to view the code. I guess i should update my browser more than once every two years
  11. I just Noticed Something. Even though I get a lot E-mails Request the above info my karma iss at one. Is it because I only post when I have a problem or what? I would appreciate it if some people would rate me.
  12. I've Been Getting A lot of E-mail requests for this lately so I thought I'd repost. Traits & Skills Summation Special Skills (Bought Levels) Quick Strike: Dexterity 8, Melee or Pole Weapons 6 Parry: Dex 8, Defense 6 Blademaster: Melee 6, Pole 6, Strength 8 Anatomy: Intelligence 6, Melee or Pole 8 Gymnastics: Strength 8, Dex 10 Pathfinder: Int 8, Nature Lore 6 (note that base Nature Lore depends on Intelligence) Magery: Int 10, Mage or Priest Spells 6 Resistance: Dex 10, Endurance 11, Hardiness 8 Magical Efficiency: Magery 8, End 11 Lethal Blow: Anatomy 8,
  13. Yes I'm playing on a friends pc. And Neither one of us can figure out how to reach the spire forest just southwest of fort dranlon It's really the only unfinished quest left.
  14. I don't know if anybody's Suggested this yet or not. But I would LOVE to be able to shape thorns I'm always running out. In fact despite haveing 95% hit and doing a lot of damage I'm lucky if my thorns last me ONE zone. Also it would be nice if you could create living tools. Some sort of pack mule type creature would be neat. It'd save me lot of weight and room in my inventory. Recipe components take up a lot of room.
  15. After a long search I found that the GF3Prefs.dat file was being deleted. From the sound of this board I don't think I got it from spiderwebsoftware but I recommend that people check their task shecduleing programs and for windows the autoexec.bat and config.sys files. I don't know what the MAC version of those startup files are but I recommend that mac users check them too as commands in these locations caused my problems. Just in case you know.
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