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  1. Yes, if you attack one, all the rest will attack you on sight. (although some give dialogue before turning hostile)
  2. It doesn't matter whether you train in fyora or use the canister first.
  3. I tried G1 as a non Shaping Guardian and epically raped everything in the demo area. Everything died in one hit, while doing next to no damage to me. I had like 20 unallocated skill points. I think I was on Normal.
  4. Originally Posted By: Feo Takahari I do every quest as soon as possible to get it off the list. Good thing they're never the boring and pointless filler found in certain rival RPG series. (Incidentally, kudos to Jeff for avoiding that.) Originally Posted By: From the list of A1 quests Gary, the bartender in Silvar, is looking for some natural hot springs. Gad, the bartender in Formello, will pay a lot for sugar. Jen in Formello will pay a lot for high quality mushroom meal. There aren't any boring/filler quests in A1? I beg to differ.
  5. Only combo of A1, A2, A3, A4, and A5, where you play through the entire series in one game and with one party, could possibly have that many areas.
  6. The Anama suck. Once I joined the Anama (just to see what it was like), and then accidentally saved. >.< My mage was ruined. Mage spells 4eva
  7. I didn't recruit or turn her in. I just left her at the entrance the Foundry Core West (without talking to her). Then she confronted me at Whitespire Pass like she was in my party (but she wasn't).
  8. So I walked into the clearing where Mehken is supposed to leave, and she said some stuff. I war confused, because I never added her to my party. I was supposed to, but I was too greedy for exp to do it (and I forgot). Bug?
  9. Quote: Originally written by Reve: Quote: Originally written by Spidweb: In Avernum 4, we didn't have time. In Avernum 5, I just forgot. Hopefully, Avernum 6 will have cave cows. Beautiful, beautiful cows. And, at the end, there will be cake. - Jeff Vogel Cows! I'm making a note here, huge success! It's hard to overstate my satisfaction as well.
  10. Maybe the general of the Avernite army in A2?
  11. Rentar-Ihrno. Just kidding. I actually choose Erika.
  12. Even though I doubt Jeff will make it part of the actual game, it would interesting as a minigame.
  13. Well, you could make one as close to a boss as possible, giving it mild use.
  14. Check the G4 editor thread. Micro Phage made an editor where you can do that.
  15. Quote: Originally written by Earth2025: bah, i thought giscard can be "dealed" before leaving to seek new adventures. to r&d: correct except with stealing its possible to get says walkthrough. still no idea where he keeps graymold unless its behind secret wall. i have a hunch where that blade is but due natural lore being low can't see what loot near motrax cave has. No secret walls in A4, and the loot near Motrac's cave is a fiery wand.
  16. I haven't actually played E3, per say(after dieing from fighting 3 goblins in E1 I kinda quit), but in A3 melee is ridiculously powerful.
  17. There were light spells in A1-3, but in the end, Jeff probably decided it was too inconvenient. It was somewhat fun using the light spell and then realizing I was surrounded by 20 monsters or so.
  18. Did you do her quests? I think that lowers the prices.
  19. I'm fairly certain I found some ensnaring crystals in GF3. P.S. GF5? I can't tell if that was sarcasm or a typo.
  20. Also, there are ensnaring crystals(stun), torrent gems, madness gems, and swarm crystals.
  21. Will there be any job boards or battle disciplines like in Avernum 5?
  22. By the way, you can use the disciplines more than once in the battle. It depends on your level of fatigue (shown next to the character portraits). Everytime you use a discipline, it goes up, and every turn it goes down 1. I think you just finished the battles too fast for it to go to 0.
  23. I think the cheat code is iampoor. There is a character editor (if you have the full version).
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