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  1. Wow, thats my kind of endgame. Personally, I like the unaligned and Obeyers.
  2. The only creatures that I remember having a poison attack were the vlish. Of course that could be because I have not played the game for ages.
  3. I suggest you get a real pet. Or professional help. Or both.
  4. Music? I don't remember any music. What I think makes Geneforge 2 unique is the creatures you can make.
  5. Yes there are usually four small "buds" around a central pinecore. The buds restore health to the center plant when it's health gets low. The central plant reminds me of a miniature palm tree.
  6. Hmm, try attacking them. Sometimes they drop neat items.
  7. I agree. All the creations in the world can't compare with taking down a dangerous enemy with only your trusty sword. Good ol' one on one combat!
  8. Hurt you. Beyond that not much.
  9. But the ethics of the maker of the game certainly manifest themselves in the game itself. Although, yes, it is fun to analyze every aspect of the game
  10. Ah, I found the Claymore. It is in an area with ghosts, Dead Pass to be exact.
  11. Is the Guardian Claymore an item that you find or that you make? Also, if you find it, where is it found? Thanks.
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