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  1. *sigh of relief* was sure that I was going to get the flaming of a lifetime well yeah, I'll try that thanks
  2. Hi all, first of all I would like to thank the great makers of these games. I'm a 16 year old fan from sweden, who have been playing spiderweb games for a quite some time now. Remember I used to play Exile escape from the pit on my older brothers old mac when I was just a wee lad of 8, naturally I wasn't verry succesfull with the quests especially seeing that I couldn't even read englsih... but still I enjoyed it verry much Now, many years have passed and the old mac is no more. visited the page on and off and tested out outher great games like geneforge and Avernum. And so, a few years ago, after learning atleast somewhat the english language, I've been wanting to try and play the old game once more. So I went to this site and downloaded the game and was overjoiced in nostalgia when seeing the game i had tried so hard to play when a kid. But then ofcource came the, shareware chasm and thus the merry times was over. See, as you might already guessed, I'm still somewhat of a kid and along with that, no creditcards, no pay checks or american dollars for that matter either... and parents are a no go either seeing as how my parents refuse paying 25$ for a game almost 10 years old, especially not over the internet (they kinda misstrust the whole giving buying stuff over internet and stuff like that *sigh*) So here is my question, I realize that you are not a huge corporation and that you need the money. And I am the first one inline to say that you've earned it. I simply wonder if it is possible that seeing how the game now is almost 10 years old, is there any chance in making these, the older of your games free for downloads. Since I must admit, it is rather strange to have them cost almost as much as new comp games coming out today... I recon that could also give some good publicity and perhaps make more people hooked on your games? or perhaps simply lower the prices acording to their age? but perhaps that wouldn't make you gain any profit anyway... I hope that I haven't offended you my this humble suggestion, and seeing as how a post this at a forum filled with long time fans I doubt it will get verry good response... but I just thought it might be worth aleast asking? well then thank you for your time and keep up the good work and good luck on your future games Thanks /Duckie
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