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  1. Quote: Originally written by Kelandon: Speaking of intoxicating substanaces, I was tempted to get totally jacked up on skribbane right before going into the fight with Rentar-Ihrno, but something about that just didn't sit well with me. Simple. You don't want your characters to be totally stoned when Empress Prazac has you teleported back to the throne room afterward.
  2. Quote: Originally written by Ferox: IMO there should be an option wether to drink the wine yourself or share it with a NPC. imagine having a party with erika and prazac .... I don't drink alcoholic beverages... Who wants soda pop?
  3. Quote: Originally written by hehehe savan yuri: sorry guys i just looked and i drank 900 bottles of wine and ale each Oh. My. Gosh. Shouldn't your characters be dead from alcohol poisoning by now? O.o;;
  4. Alternatively, Drake Aerie is a nice place. Very few visitors(I don't like humans), and there's Dalakros! *gives Dalakros a steak* Of course, I'd only move in after getting rid of the Golems. I don't fancy the idea of getting eaten. And I'd probably dig out my own little sub-cave, for privacy reasons.
  5. Quote: Originally written by The Calm Before the Flamewar: You have to confront the innkeeper, strangely enough. If you have a high enough reputation, he'll hand over the amulet without a fight. If not, you can get the whole town (and maybe the whole island) mad at you. —Alorael, who believes there is another option besides strongarm intimidation. He can't remember it, though, and he didn't use it. The reputation isn't that hard to come up with. He'll give it to you if you've stopped the roach infestation.
  6. Quote: Originally written by Keep: I'd imagine a self-employed mage who thinks he's better than he really is, and likes to live in seclusion by the ocean in a reclusive tower with brigands, a spiny worm, and lots of slimes to keep him company would love to call himself Slick. He sure got a deal on the fake estate. [party steps into secret inner sanctum] "Hi, I'm Slick. Want to be my friend?" [party leader shrugs, shoots arrow at Slick's head] "People that call themselves Slick don't deserve to live..." ROFLMAO!! Too true. *sets the Alien Slime loose in the tower* You want to control the slimes? I'd like to see you control THIS. It's mah pet Slime-making critter. *huggles Alien Slime* ~edit~ Oh, and "Bojar" spelled backwards is "Rajob". I hope that helps.
  7. Believe me, the stuff she sells you can go without, and get much cheaper elsewhere. Just ignore the lady in the hut.
  8. He's in a secret libray near the lower right-hand corner. Go into the cooridor that goes all the way around the Tower, and go to that corner, and keep bumping into the walls. You'll find him.
  9. They're arrogant, but they have the right to be arrogant! They were here first, and most of them are much more intelliigent than us.
  10. My slith will use a one-handed polearm
  11. They look like the Roswell aliens. ~_~ But really, it depends on the situation whether I like them or not(balme mood swings) in A3, I just wanted to break every bone in their scrawny little bodies and throw them in that pit. But they save your life in VoDT, so they can't be all bad.
  12. Quote: Originally written by Armada: Either with the gifts, as their Idol. Or in the cult of the sacred item, because i would have some amusing company I think I'd fit right in there. There has to be SOMETHING in my room that they'd worship.(a plushie, maybe? Or a block of paper cheese?)
  13. Some people were talking about how much fun it is to kill Rentar-Ihrno. But how do you do it?! I couldn't even hit her with a God Party!!
  14. The Great Circle. Fresh air, demons(YAY! \o/), items abound , lots of visitors , and I could have a nice little cave dug into one of the surrounding mountains, and the Circle would be my front yard. Or maybe the Golem Factory. It's a nice place, after you turn off the lasers. And I could have Golems waiting on me hand an foot.
  15. Quote: Originally written by MASCHINE UMSTURZ: fight through a billion irritating goblins *pictures a large room, completely filled with goblins, all trying to get at the party at once, but because the hallway leading to the room is so narrow that only one one goblin can get to the party at a time, the heroes easily defeat all of them* Heehee................ I suggest something cute and cuddly-looking, only it has lots of teeth and it has claws. Kinda like a fox............ only with lots of tails............. You could start with a normal wolf pic and add a few more tails, and maybe change the color scheme a bit. And you could do the same thing with a Worg and have it be like the leader or something.
  16. How do I get Masok to sell me the map?! HELP! X_X
  17. Quote: Originally written by Angry Ogre: Avernum 3 is better for dragon kiling. If the dragons were human characters i think i would feel less remorse in killing them. Strange... dragons are superior to humans. Killing them is wrong. More wrong than wiping out an entire city full of friendly demons, just for the heck of it.(which, in my book, is one of the worst things one can do). Let's just leave it at that. @________@
  18. Ooooooooooooooooooooo......... Avernum 4........... *drools at thought* They should make one of those...........................
  19. The GIFTS scare my dad.........But you have to admit that they're one of the most awesome things that Spiderweb Software has come up with. The Giant Inteligent Friendly Talking Roaches, however, were kinda creepy. ~_~
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