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  1. I read in the walkthrough that you could get 1 point of parry by throwing 50 coins into the wishing well near the castle. I tried this however, I did not recieve the 1 parry point. Is there a trick I am missing?
  2. In my defense, I simply copied it from the walkthrough.
  3. Quote: > Quick Strike: 6 Dex (cost is 8)+ 6 Melee/pole (starts to cost 7 pts), skill points per point = 3. Gives a chance to add an extra AP point per turn, and makes you act faster in combat. A bit less than 5% chance per point. A good skill, one you should buy some points in for everyone. Don't try to train in it for everyone, though. Quote: > Quick Action (initial cost- 1). Gives you a small chance to attack twice, and increases your attack order. A nice, cheap skill- at about level 5-6, you'll get lots of double attacks. From the walkthrough acces
  4. What is the best party composition in A4? Does it make sense to have a slith and a kitty, or is it better to go all human? Who should train in lockpicking? A mage for combination with the unlock spell? Is it better to have your fighters use melee or pole weapons? I searched around the forums a little bit and I could find any really strong opinions. If this topic has already been addressed, could someone direct me to where.
  5. Probably not. Not unless you were going to make an equally massive game. Since you can only have 7 (I think) creations at a time what is the point of being able to make say 100 different creations. I bet people probably would still stick to making a select 10 or so creations. Take for instance the Battle Alpha, I am willing to bet that few players go through the trouble to make one. I think the creations would end up being largely redundant. It would be a lot of time invested with no real reward. Finally, good luck thinking up 100 different creations.
  6. The game engine of course appears to be largely similar, although I noticed some indication of a fatigue rating on your characters. I am sure there will be neat bells and whistles. The real thrill of course will likely be the storyline. Here is what Jeff gave us: Quote: The surface world is ruled by the Empire. Its power is absolute. Its control is unchallenged. And, as a soldier of the Empire, you have a good, comfortable life ahead of you. But then a rebel named Vahkohs tried to assassinate the Empress, and everything went wrong for you. The villain fled somewhere into
  7. I like your signature Nikki xx and I like ...
  8. How do the number of quests and/or length of play time compare to Avernum 4? Is is a similarly sized game?
  9. I feel like most people already know the answer to this one. There have long been complaints about the weakness of battle creations.
  10. No effect. None of it. I don't think the forgiveme comand does anything. I guess when I declared war on the friendly beasties guarding the anvil I must done it.
  11. The guardian did a little more than see me. First I did his quest. Then of course, I killed him. Oh well, I guess I should have bought the eye before I sicked my wingbolts on him. Too late now.
  12. I have a couple wishes: 1. I would like to be able to shape a spider or spiderlike creature. This is spiderweb after all. 2. More artifact crafting options. I would especially like to be able to craft armor and a weapon. 3. Stealth enhancement spell or potion or gem. 4. Like everyone else an improvement to melee creatures. Perhaps melee creatures could prevent those they attack from using a distance attack it they hit before the attacked creature can act. It would be akin to spell failure or holding the distance attacking creature in place. 5. More training
  13. Oh well, pleaselikeme didn't work. I wonder what I did to make them so POed. I guess I will be -1 spellcraft.
  14. Somehow I made Valeya Ruins angry with me. The people are now hostile. I hope it is the priest who sells the eye, becase she is the only one still friendly. Is there a cheat code to correct this?
  15. I can't find the 3rd Glaahk eye. Who in Poryphra Ruin sells it? I have gotten the other two. (Location retrieved from Helpful tips) — Southforge Citadel-upstairs in cell-SE (Kill Glaahk) — Poryphra Ruin-SE-Buy in shop — Ssaroyen-Gesselin Freehold (Buy)
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