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  1. To each one his own game, it is. In my opinon, the Mithril Blade, because of the +1 AP it gives. Damage doesn't really play any part in the endgame areas, as you're powerful enough to hit the gap with a crude dagger.
  2. Dunno, it's not that usable, but looks cool. IS SEE DEAD PEOPLE TEH MANVALEY ADVENTRESU ZOMBIAHS! ZOMBIAHS! (Not completely original, I must admit.) I'm turning 17 the 14th, and am hoping to get a scanner. Then, I'll be able to produce some REAL splash screens for yuo. My drawing skills outmatch my photoshopping skills.
  3. Hey, I'm going to participate with THIS (and a few other graphics), you've got nothing to worry!
  4. Again, stay silent if you have no idea of what you're talking about. A grand band of us SpidWebbers have actually pieced together a somewhat accurate history for the world of Ermarian. (someone, post a link here, I'm too lazy to search for one myself) [to Prophet_of_Doom, that was] Also, for maps, you'd perhaps like to check Arancaytar's site (again, don't have the direct URL, someone!?).
  5. Yes, I'm halfway done with TEH MANVALEY ADVENTRESU, I'm currently drawing the dungeon that's described in the manuals.
  6. Archmagi Michael has both made a fool out of himself, and messed up with the plurals/singulars, kekeke.
  7. Don't know the exact script (I suck at coding in general, and am too lazy to really try to learn), but take a look at the town script that comes with the Warrior's Grove. The scripts that come with the package are a good read for a begginner, I've gathered.
  8. Aikas kätsy. Undoubtedly, many will find this editor helpful. I won't, for sure, as I'm a retard when it comes to coding, but a great tool, anyway!
  9. ..mind me playing around with the pic a bit, Brett?
  10. Loads slowly, as many have pointed out before me, and Erika really is too bright to really fit to the picture (also mentioned before).
  11. Yeah, SuperEditored DRAGONS!
  12. Farland's graphics are awesome, yes, but often need to be edited a bit before they can be implemented into the game. Luz has awesome graphics too, and they can be used without any edits. Thus, Luz gets my vote.
  13. ..or better yet, *don't use filler monsters that have nothing to do with the actualy story, but make up an alternative way*!
  14. Use UNDEAD! I mean, there's a thing that no one has used before!
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