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  1. Simple who wants music in their video games?
  2. How do you accidentally delete windows installer lol.
  3. If that doesn't help jsut download "winrar", it is very simple, and even though it says you are supposed to buy it, there is no penalty that I have seen if you don't.
  4. I guess I didn't clarify, sorry. I just started the game, and gave all my characters 5000 xp. The first fight I got into was in the stone circle to the south, I can spells first cause my druids were faster, I didn't gain any levels off my spells, then I hit with a melee, and everyone gained a level, and then again. It could be that you don't gain exp with poison, but I also used the fire spell too...
  5. Thats crazy, when I used the wishing well, I threw in the most, got the parry, threw in the second most, got happy and threw in 1 and got sad...
  6. This is the most beautifully made piece of Siderweb software. Everything is so pretty, words can't describe it.
  7. Okay so I cheat, I gave all my characters 10k exp when I started, but they didn't gain any level for lke an hour, I've been using The poison spell and they all die right after I cast it, no exp. Then I used melee and everyone gained a level. Then I tried firebolt and one died, no exp. There something messed with the spells, or is the crack getting to me?(not really)
  8. Starship troopers was one of the best movies ever made, aside from The Fifth element lol, I guess I go for corney movies, A5 sound awesome already, I'm ready to get back to the surface (hopefully cause the anama was only on the surface in a3). I miss the slimes.
  9. Well, I'm sorta new to the forums, how about a vahatni based avernum 6...? I mean you play as the vahatanis.
  10. I miss picks, poison, and the crap load of spells... It took me twice as long to beat exile 3 than avernum 3...
  11. I beleive that they are like spells. My first thought when I saw it was that they were used automatically, but when I saw the interview with Jeff about it, I realized that you have to cast them, costing nothing but Stam, but reverse. You can't used a battle discipline unless you have no fatigue, and your fatigue goes down by one each turn, there are going to a lot of different disciplines from what I saw, some to benefit spellcasters too. Maybe from speed, to damage, to mana maybe.
  12. Well, I don't know what your problem is, I bought a new computer and just copied the avernum folder to a cd, and pasted into program files in new comp, worked fine, didn't even have to change my prefs.
  13. You people are crazy, well, as in people I mean the dude that can't figre it out. The saves for windows are in the avernum4 folder, then in the DATA folder, they should be at the top. Copy/Paste into floppy or cd drive and hit copy.
  14. Les see what happens, I should get first dibs, cause I joined this site when I was 12, 9 years ago.
  15. I think that is very odd, I can see everyhting in dungeons fine, and I have a crappy computer. try changing the resolution on your comp to 16 to 32, or vice versa, and switch the auto switch in the game options to something else, like never change.
  16. When I used cheats(don't hate me), leveled up, or got special messages, the names of the poeple in my party are still the default. I named my characters Jenneke, Thissa, Feordric, and Adrianna, and they come up Aldous and so on^^. Not really a big deal, but a bug.
  17. I re downloaded the direct x from the microsoft site and it still doesn't work, boo hoo!!
  18. Also, I have windows XP and I can't play some of my other games... But they give explanations like must use windows 95 or higher. And why does no one answer this one but they answer one where someone is just too stupid to do something?
  19. kenny2011


    I got a new computer and I I downloaded exile 3 again. I have a Dell Dimension 60Gigabyte HD and 256 MBs Ram... I had a problem downloading it at first, then I downloaded the zip format. When I downloaded the zip for mat and opened it with Winzip it didn't go the first few times. Then I got it to work and the file was empty when I restarted my computer. Then I did it again and it started. Now every time I load exile 3 it closes whenever I try to create a party. Please help!! Is my computer too good for this game, I LOVE IT I HAVE TO PLAY IT AGAIN... I don't really like avernum..
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