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  1. I voted "yes" twice but it depends on how you define innocents. I surely feel guilty when I kill foes much weaker then I, in their home. Especially that dog in the bandit fort Vale Infestation. I classify the dog as innocent, really, though it attacks. On the other hand, I didn't kill the library wisp only because I wasn't able to, and I would feel only proud if I did kill it. The game classifies it as "friendly" because it talks to me, but tell me, really, what kind of friendly creature would summon hostile shades against you?
  2. Well, yes. I suppose I'd be on anyone's side rather than the demons'. Though the bandits are bad guys too, aren't they? Wouldn't it be a good thing to unite all humans, sliths, nephilim, spiders, dragons and all other intelligent species against demons and undead? By the way, how do you tell if a hostile creature is intelligent? OK, the spiders are definitely not very intelligent, though they can talk, as we know because there are friendly ones. The sliths and nephilims definitely build towns. But what about lizards and drakes? They sometimes seem to have money.
  3. I don't think I would be on the side of the strongest at all. In "real world" ethics, it's usually not the strongest that I think are right and behave as they should, if anyone. In game-related terms only, it'll be much more fun to defeat the strongest and make someone weaker win.
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