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  1. That... is the biggest thing you have to say?
  2. As the original proposal seems to be too complicated to succeed here, lets put it this way: would there be any interest in a forum RP at all? If I just whipped up an intro of few paragraphs, would I get handful of people writing a story with me? An RP is now up. Read that thread and start postin'. The original proposal is in spoilers, if someone still wants to look at it. Click to reveal.. Lately, I feel I've been neglecting these forums, having been absorbed by a Bleach fan-fiction roleplay over at Giant's. I even largely ignored many of the wonderful AIM rpg's held over here, despite learning to use the program just for them Now, however, I'm hell-bent on correcting my mistake, in the form I can do best - a traditional forum rolepay. The setting and plot will be a cross-over between Lord of the Rings, which I think you all know, and Bleach, an anime / manga about High-School Students, Grim Reapers and Hungry Ghosts duking it out. Yes, I'm going to combine a brainless Shounen series and a seminal work of modern fantasy. Sue me. The basic premise is to take the plot of Bleach (Psychopomps and lost souls warring, with mortals caught in the interim), and take it to a pseudo-medieval fantasy world where there are hobbits, elves, orcs, dwarves and wizards. Here's some basic plot and background I've come up with: Plot: Click to reveal.. In the world, there's always been a divide between spiritual and material, of mortal and immortal. Twenty millenia ago, the fae, consisting of the shinigami elvenkind and maiar undying spirits bound to the wheel of life banded together in Soul Society the Undying lands, also known as Otherworld, and formed Seireitei the Court of Pure Souls, an alliance whose task it is to guide souls of Mortals (humans, dwarves, hobbits) over the Edge of the World, to the hidden afterlife that awaits them behind the Void. You see, not all souls find their place without guidance - those with small minds often can't let go of their Mortal life, and wander as Pluses Ghosts in Middle-Earth Land of the Living, seeking to fulfil tasks left undone in life. If left alone, such forlorn spirits turn into Hollows Lost Souls, who'll try to kill and destroy all they loved in misguided attempt to ease their pain. For long, things went unhindered, the Fae largely invisible to Mortals, who gladly went on in their lives - until the moment of their passing, of course, when the elves would come and guide them to their rightful destination. Sadly, even good things don't last forever. Aizen Morgoth Sauron The Viceroy of the Court of Pure souls always held himself in a higher regard than any other, even Illuvatar the rightful King of Souls, and sought to elevate himself to that lofty position. Others of Valar the Court thought otherwise, however, and even though they respected his wisdom and power, they denied him such rank, and when the time came, chose Manwë someone else in his place. At first, the Viceroy swallowed his pride, but in time he came to detest and envy the new King with such intensity it blackened his very soul. He began searching for a way to gain the throne denied from him, deciding any cost was worth reaching what he perceived as his "true and rightful place". And indeed, eventually, he did find a way, as horrible as it was. He crafted the Hogyuku Rings of Power, magical artefacts of great potency, and gave them to others of the Court. They were leery of the gifts, as the they did not know how they'd been made, and their powers were of dubious nature, blurring the line between living and dead, mortal and immortal, a Wraith and a Fae. Furious to be turned down, the Viceroy did something unheard of - he gave the Rings to Mortal men, imbuing them with strenght never seen before in the Lands of the Living. The Court was horrified by the act. Surely, such power was never meant to be given to those outside the Otherworld. They decided to arrest the Viceroy, and bring him to a trial - but when they arrived on his door, he struck his captors down without mercy, and fled to the Land of the Living himself, to rule them according to his whim regardless of what the Court or his King had to say to it. But the horror did not end there - many were the Fae in who agreed with the Viceroy, and deserted with him. The Otherworld was torn in a bloody civil war, never to be same again. From the chaos, a new alliance rose - The Gotei 13 Fellowship of Nine White Towers, founded by the remaining members of the Court of Pure Souls, lead by the CaptainsIstari God-Warriors, greatest warriors and wizards the Otherworld had to offer. Proclaiming the Viceroy Chief Amongst Traitors, they waged war against his troops, in a war that shook the world of mortals to its roots. Eventually, the Fellowship prevailed, but their victory was anything but complete. They slew the bodies nine mortal kings who'd been given the Rings, but could not quell their spirits - their souls, bound to the Wheel like no human should by the Rings, fled to the forlorn realm of Hueco Muendo Mordor Desert of the Damned, where they remain and rule as the dread Espada Ringwraiths Wraith Kings. Their rings were scattered all across the world, and they search for them even today. Chief Amongst Traitors eluded their grasp, and has remained hidden ever since. Rumours tell he found a way to be reborn as a mortal, and has long since left the limits of Earth. Uneasy peace has lasted for two thousands years. The Nine White Towers have to remain ever watchful, protecting the souls of mortals from the evils of the Desert, and the Wraith Kings who dwell there. And something in the wind tells this peace might soon come to an end... Terminology: Click to reveal.. Mortal: a creature whose souls is destined to pass beyond the Void once it dies. This includes humans, hobbits and dwarves. Most are gleefully ignorant of goings-on of the Spirit world until their death, and often can't perceive Fae or Ghosts at all. Soul Chain: a chain that connects a mortal's spirit to his material body. If the chain is severed, the Mortal's material life ends, and his spirit is free to pass on. However, a soul who remains hung up on its mortal life will linger in the Land of the Living, with the severed chain hanging from it's chest. Ghost (Plus): soul of a mortal who can't pass on - if a Fae doesn't guide it to afterlife, the chain on it's chest will begin to erode, and eventually eat a hole through the Ghost's chest, prompting its transformation to a Lost Soul. Lost Souls (Hollows): Ghosts who have lingered in the Land of Living for too long, and have lost themselves to madness as a results. When Ghost becomes a Lost Soul, its form will twist into a bestial mockery of its former self, and a skull-like mask will cover its head, hiding its sad and pathetic nature. A Lost Soul becomes increasingly demented as time passes, losing itself to its basest instincts and trying to destroy all it loved in life due to mad jealousy and grief. When a Lost Soul has utterly lost its connection to its former life, it'll drift to the Desert to eat or be eaten by other Lost Souls. Wraiths (Menos): a gestalt being of hundreds of Lost Souls, populating the Desert of the Damned. They consist only of a large black cloack and a white, beaked mask. Their size varies, from those as vast as a mountain to ones similar to a man in stature. Curiously, smaller Wraiths are more powerful. Most Wraith are guided by nothing but mindless hunger, but the most powerful ones might develop a personality from the warped memories of the Lost Souls they've eaten. Fae (Shinigami): the elves and immortal spirits of nature who live in the Otherworld, and have taken it as their duty to guide mortal souls to their rightful afterlife. Lands of the Living: where mortals go about in their daily lives and spend their material existence. Otherworld, Undying Lands (Soul Society): magical land where the Fae dwell, hidden from the sight of Mortals. Its rumoured one could reach it by sailing far enough in the West, though some mystic practices might allow a mortal's mind to reach it throug other ways. It is told nothing ever dies there. Fellowship of Nine White Towers (Gotei 13): military of the Otherworld, led by the God-Warriors, mightiest warriors and wizards of the Fae. Court of Pure Souls: ruling body of the Otherworld. Desert of the Damned (Hueco Muendo): a land parellel to the Otherworld, where Lost Souls go in search of oblivion. It's a vast, volcanic plain drowned in white ashes and shoruded in eternal night. Barring Wraiths and Lost Souls, nothing lives there. Nine black mountains rise from its midst like dark towers; they are the homes of the Wraith Kings. Orcs, Demons (Vizard, Arrancar): orcs are Fae or mortals corrupted by the rings of power. This allows them to call forth and use powers they might have gained as Lost Souls or Wraiths even while still alive. Their forms are often twisted horribly, and their reek of death to ordinary mortals. This does not mean they're automatically evil, though. Wraith Kings (Arrancar, Espada): Nine exceedingly powerful evil spirits, who rule over the Desert with iron hand. They fully recall their mortal lives and have torn away their masks, unafraid to bare the emptiness they've become. They bear an unending grudge against the Fellowship and conspire to destroy them, so they can rule over creation once more. Well of the Soul (Reiryoku): source of the inner power inherent in all spirits. Measures their power and fuels their abilities. Radiance of the Soul, Aura (Reiatsu): what inner power of spirit becomes when it flows out of its body. Radiance of the Soul can take on special qualities or affect the world around the spirit, depending on the nature and power of the spirit. Spirit Stuff (Reishi): energy that composes spiritual bodies and forms of the Fae and other spirits, as well as all the matter in Otherworld and the Desert. The Art (Kido): known as 'magic' to the uninitiated, the Art is the ability to pour out power from one's Soul Well and shape its Radiance into whatever shape one wishes. As this requires intense concentration, spells, koan, mantras and prayers are usually chanted when trying to create a specific effect. There are many traditions of the Art, but the best known are the Way of Binding and the Way of Destruction. Former specializes on subtle spells that create or transmute Spirit Stuff, doing things like creating barriers or wards and sending messages over long distances, while the latter is focused on manifesting and commanding destructive energies of the world, such as fire and lightning, to destroy one's enemies. Soul Slayer (Zanpakuto): special weapons of the Fae that can harm Lost Souls and Wraiths, making them whole again and freeing them from their twisted existence. Each Soul Slayer is unique to the Fae that possesses it, forged from Soul Steel poured from the Well of the Soul of that Fae. Sword Spirit: when a Fae creates his Soul Slayer, a fragment of his personality, often his instinct to fight, is trapped in the weapon, and within it it grows to a being of its own. A Fae can commune with his Sword Spirit through meditation. Inner World: a dreamy landscape each spirit has within, reflecting their personality and nature. A Fae's Sword Spirit will take residence here. Manifestation (Shikai, Bankai): an ability that lets a Fae to let loose the power stored in his Soul Slayer, increasing his power and displaying his true, immortal grace even to ordinary mortals. A Fae will also assume qualities and powers from his Sword Spirit while using this ability. Soul Taker: twisted counterpart to Soul Slayers of the Fae, used by orcs and powerful wraiths. Despite being forged in a same way, a Soul Taker has exact opposite effect, sucking a spirit slain by it to the wielders Soul Well. Rings of Power (Hogyoky, Resurreccion): unholy devices which can break the barriers between spiritual and material, opening a Soul Well even in a mere mortal. Such an artefact allows the bearer to gain great power and take hideous form of a demonic beast at will, in a twisted mockery of a Fae's manifestation. Rules stuff: There will be three factions: The Fae, the Wraiths and the mortals of some seemingly unimportant hobbit town who get caught in between. There will be nine faction leaders for the Fae (the God-Warriors) and ten for the Wraiths (The Wraith Kings + Chief Amongst Traitors). Mortals won't have set leaders. Note: I will be playing one Wraith King and one God-Warrior. The remaining 16 spots are open to those who want them, but be sure you'll be around for the lenght of the game. Playing multiple characters is allowed, even encouraged; in addition to the two characters mentioned above, I'll be playing a smattering of small-time mortal characters and expendable villains. Making more or killing some is a good thing if it helps to keep the game flowing. Gratuitous usage of foreign, dead and fictional languanges, such as Finnish, Spanish, Latin, Old English, Quenya and Klingon is required for ability names! No controlling characters who aren't your own without their creator's consent. When characters fight, the combatants should agree on the victor via PM, AIM or what have you as not to cause needless infighting. Before you start playing a character, present a character sheet for the community. I'll make an example shortly. We'll use [location tags] to keep track of where characters are. So, if your character is in an inn, put [inn] before that character's actions. Oh, most importantly: Don't be a jerk! Act polite towards other players. More things can and will be added later, and I'm open to suggestions as how to organize this thing. Sooooo.... any takers?
  3. Aaargh! My AIM died on me last night and I missed the session. Hurry up with the log!
  4. They will also ruin your life. ... Hey, it almost rhymes!
  5. I found Old Kingdom series by Garth Nix to be quite charming. Give them a try. Also, if everything else fails... roam around this site for a while, and you *will* find something interesting to read.
  6. I dunno, if I had to live forever, I'd rather be an angel than any sort of undead. Vampirism starts to suck right after you realize you can't eat garlic anymore, same with liches and coffee.
  7. Obviously, the spell was loaded with Metamagic. Twin and Split Spell come to mind...
  8. Wraiths, especially of the ring variety. But liches are a close second. Especially few specific ones.
  9. I'm reading Garth Nix's Sabriel. Since I read the other parts of the Old Kingdom series before, I figured I might read the first part as well. I heard he's making a prequel to the series, Clariel. Hopefully, it'll be as good as the others.
  10. Dig out all your cookies to bribe Rowen to keep it, because I want to play the squirrel!
  11. Now that I finally have our laptop back and am getting a hang of AIM, I'm tentatively asking to join the game. Not very soon though - I'll try to read OH MY GOD SO MUCH TEXT this topica nd get an idea what's happening. Suffice to say that if I figure out how, I'll be watching you on Friday.
  12. I tried taking a picture with my laptop's webcam, but the results were so godawfully horrible I'm not posting them. Instead, I'll get my army passport picture scanned, once I actually know where.
  13. Originally Posted By: Vituperation Free Albemuth We build non-trivial buildings constantly as well. And what's the difficulty to construction ratio? If it takes twice the manpower, twice the material, and twice as long to make solid, secure buildings... we can still do that. Humanity builds a huge amount. —Alorael, who has no problem with the numbers you're using. It's the numbers you have refused that are getting messy. (Admittedly, that's at least in part because a lot of those numbers aren't numbers so much as asserted orders of magnitude.) One has to start somewhere to give any numbers at all. In this case, I picked an estimate from a two year old article (the link I gave first) and have used it as a baseline so far. If you, or anyone for that matter, know some more recent estimate, please share. My skeptism of nuclear fission is based on my knowledge of nuclear powerplant construction, and the amount of reactors currently in use. To reiterate things said on World Nuclear Association's website I linked to earlier: There are currently some 436 fission reactors in use, with combined capacity of 370 GWe. 50 more reactor are currently being build; 130 reactors with combined capacity of 150 GW are being planned, and 250 have been proposed. According to them, nuclear power is picking up again now that China and India are becoming more industrialized; a realistic estimate by them would be that between 2015 and 2025, one 1GW unit might be put up every 5 days. The estimate I'm using is that world-wide energy consumption will increase by 25TW in the next 30 years; to cover all that with fission reactors alone, we'd need 25,000 new 1GW reactors. That averages 833 reactors per year, or 2.3 reactor per day. That's 11.5 times more than the realistic estimate. Counting all factors that complicate building of a fission reactor, I'd posit that compared to, say, making a skyscraper, their diffuculty to construction ratio is much higher than double. And that might not even be the actual limiting factor - as I said in my first post about the issue, there might not be enough uranium for those reactors in the first place. Or copper for making sealing canisters for the waste. Or geologically stable locations to put the plant in. Again, this is just if we tried to cover the whole increase solely with nuclear fission. Nuclear power combined with solar, wind, geothermal, and other options, probably could make it. All I'm saying is that there is no single basket we can place our fruits in, so to speak. EDIT: Damn, I was so busy ranting wildly I forgot what I really wanted to add. I was unable to find the madman who thought all of worlds energy could be taken from sunlight, but while searching I found these. Enjoy
  14. Originally Posted By: cfgauss Originally Posted By: Frozen Feet Compare that to those 25 000 we'd need. Laugh. And compare that to the number of other power plants that are being built, the rate they're built at, and the cost-effectiveness of building them vs. power plant type, and laugh again, this time, realizing how wrong your other arguments have been. What arguments exactly? I already acknowledged that fission is one of our best bets for producing energy, I'm just claiming that it isn't any more sufficient to produce a certain tresshold of energy than other forms. Please don't ignore numbers I've given just because you have bad memories of someone misusing them. If you change the baseline from 25 TW to, say, 1 TW in 30 years, producing it with new fission reactors goes from impossible to manageable, but that's a very different situation from what I am proposing. Your counterpoint is that we build a whopping lot of buildings already, but that doesn't really adress my counterpoint to it - namely, that nuclear reactors are non-trivial to make. I acknowledge we humans build a lot of stuff. I also know from experience that most of that stuff isn't made to last for more than two or three decades; obviously that can't aply to a fission reactor. Building one is a very different proposal than building a common house or a shopping mall. It's the same problem you brought up when we discussed solar panels. Just making enough reactors isn't enough - they also have to be maintained, placed on proper region and need to have enough fissible material available. Now, Alorael is right that mankind isn't doomed (for a given value of doom, anyway) just because we aren't starting thousand new reactor constructions right now, or because fission alone wouldn't cut it. It's possible for us to let things roll on their own weight; however, that too has it's own implications. But as I said, I won't open that can of worms.
  15. I'm not arguing nuclear fission is bad way of producing energy; just that it to cover all our future needs isn't necessarily more feasible than any other way. Notice the wording, as it also goes the other way around; other forms of energy aren't necessarily more feasible than fission. Many are less. I also don't get why you insist averages don't tell anything. Before complaining about the numbers, consider what they're attached to. Look what it takes to make a safe fission reactor, what it takes to safely deposit the waste and how many are being build right now; we simply aren't going to build enough reactor for it to be the sole solution. There's a good reason why I brought up cutting the amount of energy used. That 40 TW per year estimate? It's based on every human using as much energy as we Finnish people use. With current technologies, not feasible. EDIT: A related link. Note the amount of reactors around, and being build. Compare that to those 25 000 we'd need. Laugh.
  16. Frozen Feet

    GDC 2010

    Originally Posted By: Ephesos That said, what have people been playing lately, aside from Spiderweb games and AIMhack campaigns? I've been playing anime fanfiction roleplays on Giant in the Playground forums. I'll see what this AIMhack is about, once I learn how to use AIM. We got our laptop back from repair (finally!), so few... weeks should suffice. I'm really bad with it.
  17. The whole point of my previous post was that providing all of mankind's energy with fission isn't any more plausible than other means; required constructions and materials aren't any easier to come by than those need to fill Sahara with solar panels, f.ex. It's still 25000 1GW plants in 30 years; even with those 15GW fusion reactors I mentioned above, we'd still need 1667 of them. Building even one nuclear reactor is a major undertaking, and will take years to complete; to get all we need would require for hundreds of construction projects to be started right now. Neither funding or workers exist for such undertaking. Egyptians could lay those 10 blocks per second*) 'cause they had hundreds, if not thousands of people working on them; while averages don't tell much about how work is done, it does tell about the scope of the project. Incresing yearly capacity by 25 TW is outside the scope of any current method, fission included. *) I take no responsibility if crackpots screwed their math somewhere. The point still stands.
  18. You can't forget about me! ...okay, there's not much to remember about me - I generally don't have so much to say, which is why my post count is in the hundreds while those of several newcomers shoot to thousands. But still, you can't forget about me!
  19. NEEEEEE... wrong. Nuclear fission isn't anymore the magic solution than others mentioned. Currently, mankind uses ~14 TW of energy yearly; in 30 years, this is estimated to rise to 40 TW. To get that additional 25 TW, we'd need to build 25 000 new plants each producing 1 GW of energy; that's 833 per year, or 2.3 plants build per day. Not happening. There might not even be enough easily attainable fissible material. I found the article; sorry it's in Finnish, I'll get to translating relevant portions when I have time. According to it, earth receives 172 500 TW worth of energy per year from the sun. So there's a very big reason why we should look forward to harnessing as much of it as we can.
  20. What efficiency are you attributing to our hypothetical panels? Currently, their somewhat pathetic, capable of conversing only a few percents of incoming radiation into electricity; I don't recall excact figues anymore, but multiplying their efficiency with ten is within realms of possibility. Just today I read an article about one scientist or another claiming we could theoretically get all our energy from the sun by 2050. I'll see if I can dig the figures out from my archives. You are right that trying to get all our energy by solar panels would be very impractical - my main point was that it's true of all other options as well.
  21. The amount of solar radiation earth receives contains enough energy to supply whole of human civilization many times over. By placing solar panels everywhere we can, we wouldn't need any other fusion reactor besides our beloved sun. Of course, coating f.ex. Sahara with solar panels takes resources and time, quite a lot in fact to make it even viable. But this is true with any form of energy. Otimistic evaluations of fusion reactors I've seen claim that in ten years, we'd have reactors producing 15 giga wats of energy - but even currently, mankind's consumption is measured in tera wats. For fusion to really solve energy problems, we'd need to build hundreds, if not thousands of reactors all over the world. Obviously, that is not trivial. Even after the technology is safe and sound, building a reactor can take years - that many would take decades. In the interim, all problems caused by dwindling supplies of easily accessible fuels would continue, and likely worsen. I'm not going to bother opening other cans of worms related to the issue, such as overpopulation, increasing energy consumption all around, logistics and environmental issues concerning rapid large-scale construction projects. Suffice to say that all around, reducing amount of people consuming energy, and making their energy-consumption more effective have as good or better chances of working than any novel energy sources we might access.
  22. At the end of the year, I resolved, in order, to exercise more, to find a job, an apartment of my own, and some poor sucker to share rent of said apartment. These resolutions, however, had nothing to do with new year, and everything to do with my conscription ending. So far, I've only progressed with the first of these - karate is fun.
  23. Originally Posted By: Bered Kai Nev says, "Hi!" —Alorael, who imagines that one could create a reasonable "officer" major as well. Or maybe several variations for different branches of the armed forces. Many liberal arts schools are likely to frown upon it, though. We kinda have that here in Finland. As a reservoir NCO, I'd only need to complete Reservoir Platoon Commander course to apply. Anyways, after visiting a bank yesterday and getting myself a new bank account and insurance, I'm seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks for your advice and sympathies, someone else can pick the whiny ball for now.
  24. I considered a job as NCO, but signal corps could only afford single one year contract (so-called 'summer sergeant'), and the next option would've been making a five year contract. Another five years in army didn't sound all that fun. I might reconsider if I can't get a civilian job before summer, though. Technically, I could apply to Finnish National Defence University, but I swear I'd fall asleep within seconds after the first Power Point presentation rolls on-screen. Whoever made decisions of current educational methods should be hanged.
  25. If I go back to school, I'll be sleeping trough most classes. Ironic, as I'm generally gifted in academic pursuits, but more education isn't really my thing. Going back to military is something I'm planning to do... eventually. I consider signing myself for peacekeeper duties after few years of getting mundane job experience and getting to better shape. There's so many applicants right now that even getting a contract off the bat (meaning I might get send somewhere) has lower than 50% chance. So it's not topical right now. As for non-paying jobs, scouting is doing well on that apartment.
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