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  1. The way I see it: "Supply side" economics as a theory doesn't hold up. A national economy is kind of like an enormous confidence game that depends on everyone continuing to play in order to work. The trouble comes from some competing interests. Firms want to maximize profits while minimizing costs, a large part of which is often labor. Nevertheless, a majority of firms directly or indirectly depend on consumers to pay them for their goods and services. In other words, no one wants to pay the people they nevertheless expect to purchase their products. The rational ideal is to get someone e
  2. Lawyering is okay. I think I would prefer being a plumber.
  3. True chaotic neutrals wouldn't last long enough to make it to a career of adventuring.
  4. 1. What is your name? Drew 2. How old are you? 32 3. Where do you live? Falls Church, VA 4. What is your favorite color? Blue 5. How many phones do you own? I license 2 lines. I own or co-own 3. 7. Wait, what happened to question six? Code Monkeys 8. Someone has just loaned you a time machine that can take you to any location on the planet during any time period. Where/when do you go? 2080 to find out what happens during my lifetime. 9. If you were forced to change your PDN to something completely unrelated to its current fo
  5. Drew


    Originally Posted By: Ephesos I am so glad we turned image posting back on. I shudder in remembrance of why it was turned off.
  6. A long time, for sure. Too much WoW.
  7. It's been quite a while. Originally Posted By: Terror is tentacles that smirk. China Miéville writes books that are weird. New Weird, actually, but more fantasy than anything else for his Bas-Lag books. Pick up Perdido Street Station and you will get something urban, gritty, sometimes surreal, and quite unlike other fantasy. Also the protagonist is a mad scientist. Glen Cook is somehow overlooked for not one but two extremely long series. The Black Company books, really a trilogy plus a coda plus another sequel series, did a lot to create the genre of military fantasy. They're gritty i
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