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  1. I went to the Vale of Sould and Samael wouldn't talk to me because certain parties didn't want him dealing with me. (I am playing the Romans.) Is having a guardian spirit essential? What other places do I need it? Thanks Rob
  2. I found a place (I forget exactly where) in which the game says I need a person who can fly and take a look around. I believe it is a bird's nest. Where is this location, and how do I get the flying creature? Thanks Rob
  3. There is a witch near Galag-trav who asks me to find 2 goblins and get her skulls back. I found the goblins, but can't find her again. What is the location, please? Thanks Rob
  4. I have a question for you all. How does luck affect random encounters? I don't want a decreased number of them or for them to be less powerful monsters. I want to fight them for experience purposes. But I desire the extra bonsues it provides, including magic resistance, which I desparately need! Thanks Rob
  5. I have 2 other questions: How do I get to the tomb where everyone gets +1 Faerie Lore? Also, where is the NE secret room on lvl. 2 with the fury helm? Thanks Rob
  6. Apparently there is a secret door on the first floor with a barrier of fire with a ring of accuracy and other stuff. How do I get to that spot? I have searched everywhere! Thanks Rob
  7. Okay, thanks. I was in the place with the webs near my starting fort (I'm the Romans). That clears things up a bit, as I just found the right place! Rob
  8. I talked to a spider SE of the web maze. Then, I looked for the Queen spider in the maze. I can't find her! I can't get started on the quest to kill the nasty spider without her. I wasn't sent to the spider place; I just stumbled on it. I'm still fairly inexperienced. Thanks Rob
  9. I am under Goagh-Nar. I have explored all over except the South part of lvl. 2 where the huge battle is. I can't find my way back to the castle; an iron gate is in the way of the stairs. Please help! Thanks Rob
  10. Thanks. All the suggestions were helpful! Rob
  11. I just recently started playing this game and have a few questions. I am currently playing the demo and waiting for the cd to arrive. 1) Are there any "random" encounters? It says in the manual that dead creatures in dungeons will usually remain dead. If there are no random encounters, then the total amount of exp. you can get is fixed. I haven't had any random encounters outside yet. How does woodscraft affect the number of encounters? If it decreases random encounters and you have a lot of woodscraft, that would decrease the amount of experience points available. I accidentall
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