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  1. Actually, there might be another wayto do this... When you use a candle or cast a Light spell, doesn't the party just get an invisible affect? Like poison or acid or haste, except you can't see that you have it. And so, if you could find the number for the light affect, by trail and error, say, then you could remove it when the player steps on a terrain script or special encounter rectangle. You could always also just make the entire dungeon dark, disable the light spell, remove all candles/lanterns from the game, and then have lighted terrain in all places other than the area you want to be dark.
  2. I am fairly sure Jeff Vogel pulls that one on you during either Avernum I or Avernum II, in the Spiral Crypt. (a small part of the dungeon consists of a maze-like area where you can see only 1 space, light spells don't work and generic undead attack you.) So there should be a call in BoA. Then again, Jeff could just have been Jeff and decided to make it so BoA designers can't change that.
  3. I rather like the God Longsword from the HLP- Oh? You mean in A3? I fight with a Stick. As a singleton. On Hard. It's actually rather fun, when you get high enough level. You just walk around killing Alien Beasts with one hit from a stick. Although that's not to say I haven't used the Character Editor quite a bit.
  4. Selling, I believe. And of course, teaching people not to raise topics from the dead.
  5. There are some tools for easily making items/monsters, but I forget the link. They're HTML pages, if I recall correctly. Otherwise, you have to place a monster (say, a child, or a sheep), or an item, then use the "Edit Placed Object" tool, then click on the "Edit this creature/Edit this item" text in the bottom part of the screen, where variables normally would be for a terrain script/special encounter. Also, you might want to try and fix your spelling and capitalisation. It earns you a bit more respect on these boards.
  6. I'm fairly sure that Jeff Vogel mentioned somewhere that he got the name Avernum from the mythical Avernus (Avernus was taken by a rock band or something). Probably in one of those interviews he did.
  7. You need to talk to the Septagenurian Eskimo locked in one of the chests in the Power Core. If you have a Leadership of 0, he will give you the Xian Servant Mind. Then, you kill him by having seven of your Pyroroamers attack him and explode on him, and get the broken goggles he drops. Pretend to fix them and give them to Trajkov, saying they are fixed. He will try to go swimming in the Geneforge, and then quickly throw the Xian Servant Mind in, causing the Geneforge to congeal into a credit card. Use it to lever up all the ovens in Kazg. One of them will be a secret passage leading to the cellar full of undead in RoR-BoA. From there, take the train underneath the prison back to New Formello in E3.
  8. Yes, I knew that one, as it happens, I was just wondering about how it would be accepted under the specific rules of the 1st BoA Scenario Graphics contest : i.e. : should I send it in under original graphic or edited graphic. From that, I am led to believe it is edited graphic. Thank you.
  9. About the 1st Annual BoA Graphics competition : I'm an aspiring artist, and I'm wondering if a picture from BoA itself, modified slightly, like, (this is just an example), taking a picture of a Slith, modifying the colours and sending in a Fire Slith would be an Edited Graphic or an Original Graphic. Or, on a slightly more original note, taking a picture of a Slith, adding a few extra arms and a third leg (such that at least, say, 70% of the pixels were hand-drawn by you), and sending in a Mutated Slith - same question. Oh, and I'm not actually going to do either of those. There are already enough Slith variants. EDIT : Whoa! I'm a Journeyman!
  10. You could make the scenario more of a character-interaction scenario than an a combat scenario. For example, think of the politics between the faction leaders in Geneforge, but turn it up a bit, and reduce everything else, and add a few more in. I haven't actually played any BoE scenarios, but from what i hear of it, Election could be comparable.
  11. You could be looking down from above the clouds.
  12. Knowing Jeff's unprecedented ability to think of good plot devices, it's going to be just some terribly underwhelming creature. Like a rather large version of a drakon. Ooh, eek.
  13. There's another reason that any such scenario will fail. If it sticks to the story, it will be poorer than the original because most of LoTR would not be portrayed to its best in a different form (a BOA scenario) If it changes the story, it will be poorer because it does not follow the correct story for LoTR and so people will condemn it. Either way you would be better off using your imagination rather than stealing Tolkien's.
  14. I like giving my creations names relative to their species if they can survive for a while. Clawbug - Stinghunter Drayk - Fyrewyrm Eyebeast - Chaoseye
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