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  1. Well the walkthrough is almost done, just need to finish instructions for Gallows Keep. As a side question, is it required, to finish, to go to all three machines or just the one in the alien bunker?
  2. The key is used to turn the factory off it does not open the vents. I messed around more and found that I had to mess with the water tank controls to cause a leak which destroys the wall of the room that has the vent controls.
  3. Can anyone tell me exactly where in the Golem Factory the vents are opened?
  4. Thanks for the reply but I might need more information then that. I know that my single PC is fast enough to just run when hasted to the entrance but I don't know if that strategy would work for others. My PC has a 2+ AP speed ring which might be why he can run to the entrance. Am I supposed to do something to open the vents or do I just look at them? I know that some of the vents seem to work even though they look closed.
  5. I'm stuck in the Golem Factory. How do I open the vents so I can escape from the gas? Yes I made the two scenario walkthroughs at gamefaqs.
  6. Hello, do I know you? You appear to be a more recent member, but maybe I just don't recognize your user name. Anyway I need to get back to working on the walkthrough. I will return to this topic if I get stuck again
  7. The At the Gallows walkthrough is nearing completion, however I can't find a white or black candle for the first level of Fort Nether. Your assistance please, noble lurkers of the BoE board.
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