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  1. I can help out some at least with a wiki, I'm a big wiki user and have been an editor and admin for several game wikis (Dawn of the Dragons on wikia/fandom the most). I'm good at sludging through tons of data and gathering and posting, and some experience tweaking and making templates, infoboxes, etc.
  2. Darn, was cleaning up remaining tidbits before finishing the game...stole the Anama's treasure, then came to the tower of Zkal. Hadn't accepted a dread curse before so hadn't realized Ahonar was the only person who would cure it.
  3. I broke through the quad beams blocking the northern spire by using fight mode to shift the two mirrors around to destroy two of the crystals making the beams, then deflect the remaining beams with the mirrors. I prefer the conveyor belts in Exile III.
  4. The list is missing Ellyn in Sharamik for priest spells: Minor Heal through Divine Fire for pretty average.
  5. Ah, discovered it in Randomizer's Massive List, have to do Jed's quests first.
  6. Do you have to be Anama for Meena's training, or does someone else have to tell you to train with her first? She's not offering anything.
  7. Since Avernum is a new nation, and Micah was the first king, the nation doesn't really have a set "tradition" of direct inheritance or any traditions to speak of. Micah was himself "elected" to be king, was he not? I doubt that there would be much stock put in the "royal line" in Avernum just yet. And that combined with their short history of near-constant difficulties and that they are now in an expansionist era would make it paramount to have a competent leader. Chevyn was obviously incompetent for the job, so there was no real chance that he would be the next king. Handily, Starrus came along, so it was accepted to start a "royal line". Once this line is several generations along and the basic infrastructure of the nation pretty much stagnant, then an incompetent royal ruler could stay in power. But not now. Not at the very outset of the nation and the potential line of rulers.
  8. Quote: Originally written by Bring Out the Best in Boone: ...and more fun killing more enemies with the Oozing Sword and Jade Halberd. And don't forget the Bow of Decay! Excellent for golems and pylons.
  9. Yeah otherwise you'll wind up tracking them all down later. But don't fear too much, because it'll be pretty obvious which ones you missed, once they become useful.
  10. Yeah exactly. That fight is actually pretty easy. Just another extended hack-hack fight, with occasional healing/unshackle minds.
  11. Yeah exactly. That fight is actually pretty easy. Just another extended hack-hack fight, with occasional healing/unshackle minds.
  12. Heh, forget the Avernum's "action-ready" PC picts, the Exile's PC picts were much better. The portrait/profile picts are good, but the gamescreen representations are boring. I want my black-clad swordmaster and caped warrior, my enchantress with her blood-red dress and staff, my slith wizard with his ball of blue fire...A4 has what, 8 human picts, 2 slith picts, and 2 nephil picts. Yeah yeah there is color variation, but all of them except the default are usually horrendous (er, so my enchantress can color her skin blue, purple, or green...yay...).
  13. So what items, specifically, should be stockpiled for quests like the one for iron bars? Will there be someone who buys crystals for more than they sell for normally, or skins, or other metal bars besides iron? Or bunches of fairly normal items needed for miniquests like the three skins for the tanner in Formello?
  14. Quote: Originally written by Nora: What in the world? I was all excited for Avernum 4...and I got Geneforge. Then you downloaded the wrong one. Avernum 4 for windows is in there.
  15. Quote: Originally written by Kaemin: Quote: Originally written by DanielJacksonMPC: Oh, fantastic. I will have something to tide me over till Kingdom Hearts II comes out after all. Yays. Keep up the good work, Jeff. w00t!! KHII!! pre-orderd it yet? If that is where you are getting the idea that you can pre-order A4, note that they are talking about pre-ordering Kingdom Hearts II, not pre-ordering A4. I don't believe there is pre-ordering for Spiderweb games, though I've wished it too.
  16. Well hopefully it'll be coming out in a couple days. Jeff did say "the very beginning of March".
  17. Maybe one was replicated by magic (its own or external). Or there had been 7 broken off but one of them grew back (this would have to assume that the crystals are identical in shape and fracture since none of the seven can be useless).
  18. Quote: Originally written by The Kraken: -Thralni I thought only the mac versions of E1 and E2 had music,does the windows version have music also? Exactly, the Windows versions don't have the music. That was the whole point of what he said. It was a drag for me too, I played the demos first on Mac and then got the full games after switching to Windows, and the music was gone.
  19. Quote: Originally written by Student of Trinity: There gotta be canisters, and they've gotta be somehow dangerous. Probably the single cleverest thing about Geneforge is that as a player you are just about as ravenous for canisters as the characters are supposed to be, so you feel a personal stake in the theme. Actually, they don't always have to be dangerous. In G2 (and maybe some in G3 too? Can't remember exactly) there are people who were using them and not going insane. It'd be cool to play a character who isn't driven insane by them. Though I wonder if the servile characters will be able to use them at all. So far, using a canister is fatal for a servile. But perhaps now some serviles will be re-shaped enough to take it, or canisters will be made for serviles. Hm...considering that it is about genes, it'd really need to be the canisters that are changed to accomodate serviles, not change serviles to accomodate the canisters. Otherwise, you'd have to just make the serviles into humans.
  20. Quote: Originally written by The Lurker: Advertisement? Die, sinner! Oh I wouldn't dream of it. I'm an admin there responsible for deleting spam. Typically we have ~4 spam accounts made just to use the website link in the profile. *checks date* The 25th. Just a couple more days. *frown* Of course, I'm going to the Bahamas from the 4th-12th so it'll probably come out while I'm gone. Grr. Oh well, I'll be having enough fun snorkelling around that I probably won't think of A4. Too much.
  21. *shrug* Most of what goes on on these boards is pointless banter or answering the same old question for the hundredth time. Any questions I usually have I can find the answer to by searching. If you want to see me active on some game forums, visit the forums at www.t-o-m-e.net. Admittedly I do enjoy reading the pointless banter sometimes. Also my college used to have these forums blocked for some reason, but I requested that they un-block them and they did.
  22. Quote: Originally written by br553: I can't wait 'til March gets here either. The first one I played was Exile 2 and I've been hooked since. Keep up the good work. Amen! Hurry up and get here, March! I played the demo on Mac, but have had to wait for Windows to play the full thing. That little taste was very...tasty. ;-)
  23. Just what town is this Delaria in that Scab sends me to to join Scimitar? Edit: Nevermind, just found her in the same town as he was. Lessen learned: never ignore a locked room. Huh, now that I've already rescued all the Souls I can finally find out just what Scimitar will help with. And that was...exactly nothing.
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