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  1. He means he dosnt have a PC so he needs somebody with a PC to do it for him.
  2. Quote: Originally written by felix: I wish there is geneforge ONLINE, it would be more fun The amount of times this is asked almost makes me want to spend an hour making a crappy little multiplayer game with geneforge graphics, so we can point to it and say "LOOK THERE IT IS", almost.
  3. Quote: Originally written by arghhhhhhhhh: Gazerskin sandels?....... wow jeff you must have really needed a creature to get one from geneforge...... Gazers and eyebeasts were in Exile and Avernum long before Geneforge.
  4. Quote: Originally written by Tony Zbaraschuk: Plus if they're casting haste on each other, they aren't casting nasty spells on you... Just that in the next turn they are casting two nasty spells on you Im really disapointed Jeff has removed elevation, all the towns in geneforge all looked crap, especially when you compare it to something like emerald mountain, walking into a fort and seeing the fortifications is much better then just walking into a giant building.
  5. Pressing the windows key + d is also very useful as it minimised all the windows and takes you back to the desktop
  6. Skibbane increases your hitpoints over the normal maximum when you use it, use it too much and you get addicted though <points to all the stoners in gale>
  7. To everybody who wants Jeff to go 3D (like that look like morrowind comment) I say go to hell as I dont want to spend a week downloading one of Jeffs games on my pityful Dialup connection plx
  8. Thankyou for that Travers, Alwan is much more useful now with a baton and a sword plx.
  9. 1. Athron is in the honeycomb 2. The Alien blade is in a secret passage to to the south and slightly west of the wishing fountain 3. There are drakes that give you drake fangs when killed north of the empire docks
  10. I think he means the rom of the mac OS
  11. Quote: Originally written by Drakefyre: Quote: Originally written by *i: Ghaldring. A big drakon. I could feel my hopes deflating while I was reading that
  12. I always tend to pick the "evil" side, and when I can tend to kill both sides in the end anyway, which was why I liked the Geneforge games plx
  13. I liked the stealing bug, I found it amusing to steal from people right under their noses plx
  14. Shapers are only weak at the start of the game, towards the end I could do similar damage with spells as my agent and have my army of creations to kill everything. Also guardians rock, its nice to kill barzel 1 hit from your quick action hitting 300 twice
  15. The dyrak is in clawbug canyon, Eass is in the area called the geneforge, which is east of Benerii-Uss Shaping
  16. Quote: Try hitting something with a whole bunch of spray acid spells, then they'll be taking like 50 damage per every other turn. Yes I have done this, but 50 damage per every other turn is a LOT less then other spells, which could be doing say 100. Its a alright way to soften up Rakshasi, although I perfer to haste my fighters and summon monsters to help (summoning a dark wyrm with your soul cystral=no more pesky Rakshasi, especially if you haste it > Summoning a Rakshasi is a great way to block damage if you are having trouble), and let my fighters pk the Rakshasi
  17. You dont get experiance for killing monsters with spray acid, and it dosnt do much damage at all compared to other spells
  18. Quote: I think ther eshould be a multi player mode where you fight and join and trade wiht other sects and clans like those everquest games i think also that you should try and get your games out into shops so people who dont live in america can buy these truly awsome games without all the hassles of changing the money and ordering. Give Jeff say a million dollars then ask him to do that . Reading this topic I can see where all those emails sent to Jeff about how fun it is to hack and slash came from But on topic, I WANT TO USE THE GENEFORGE! I want to be a all powerfull glow in the dark shaper with no "humanity", also if there is demons in it again I Hope they arnt stupid like the demons in Geneforge 2, looking at the demons from the Avernum trilogy (what they say and do not what they look like) would be much better
  19. I find Geneforge 1 and 2 the least addictive out out Jeffs games, the combat is pretty boring except for Aura of flames > Always fun to be the all powerfull glow in the dark shaper though
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