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  1. What I was saying in the second bit is it could be an unexpected result of how combat played out. Just as the 2 members with the hit% bonus just happened to be the ones hit with slow, there could be some other thing that just happened to impact their attacks more (or less) than the other 2 members. This could be as a result of affecting them, or affecting the enemies. Definitely appreciate that you actually did statistical tests. Still, the fact that 10% produces an inflated impact does create a feeling that there's something we're missing here. This might not have anything to do with your tests, specifically, and could be a third factor that nobody expected to be relevant. Nonetheless, it definitely makes me a little uncomfortable when you keep saying the data "proves" this particular conclusion... it supports it at least partly, but the conclusion doesn't completely explain the results you got, so "prove" seems like a stretch.
  2. I think you've identified the right question to be asking here. But there is at least one very plausible solution: natural variation in data. 50/63 (79.4%) is literally just a few arrows away from a number that would line up better with your speculation. Also, a question... why are the two groups of results different sizes? You had the tests all intermixed, on fixed (different) characters, rather than separate with the same characters, so it's also possible there's some other factor about the combat that affected things. Since the two groups didn't even end up with roughly the same number of shots, as we would expect if all other things are equal, this seems plausible.
  3. *coughs loudly* There's not much for me to say after Ess. I don't understand where the heck this came from -- you're better than this, TriRodent -- but I have to point out that even as a math-based power play this fails utterly... given the large quantity of members who've been here longer than the two of you combined 😛
  4. Those items definitely don't reduce encumbrance in-game, FWIW. It seems clear that Exile used some fields for multiple purposes, and I guess that must be one of them...
  5. I just don't think this is true. If you look at what people said about G3 and boats closer to release, and what they say about it now... I'm honestly not sure there's much of a difference. The same things people like or hate about G3 today, like the absolutism of the forced choices, were hot topics then, too. The boats were described in similar terms then and now. Certainly I've never seen anyone say that the boats single-handedly "ruin" the game. I think your take on this greater trend of convenience is interesting, but I'm not sure why the reaction to G3's boats are being forcefully shoved into that pattern.
  6. There was a pretty negative reaction to them on release here, anyway. Walking to and from the boats is a prime example of "sandwich time" - which is something that Jeff had somewhat recently written about critically, IIRC. I'm not sure you can call anything about the boats immersive, either. They were arguably the worst art asset in the game, and since the world map lets you skip from zone to zone without needing to be immersed in walking between them, it didn't make any sense that you had to walk to and from a boat. Especially since the boat travel itself was also non-existent.
  7. I think it says something that you're wondering if you're the only one who doesn't hate it... and yet even you don't like it.
  8. I think those item ability levels are actually visible in-game as well.
  9. By skill value, I assume you mean the value fed into the lookup table, not the actual Disarm Traps skill value, right?
  10. BoE. Things certainly could have changed, but given the number of changes in core numerical mechanics that we've observed (zero) or even had suggested (I think also zero?) it doesn't seem likely.
  11. It does, but there are actually several numbers that are added in before the lookup. Your traps value moves up 1 slot per point in Traps, and 2 slots per Dex bonus point, which is either +3 or +4 at your Dex (I forget which) and which IIRC is just increased by +1 if wearing the Nimble Gloves. I think Dex 4 is a bonus of 0, so your second test would have 18+2=20 vs 20+2=22. I guess your results would be consistent with an overflow. Not having seen this before could be explained by the fact that, well, nobody ever invests that far into Disarm Traps that I've heard of.
  12. What the linked post is describing (I think) is what happens when Dex is raised past the point where it has a bonus lookup value, so I'm guessing the bonus just reset to 0. That shouldn't be happening here. There's a table of lookup values for disarm chance: 5,30,35,42,48, 55,63,69,75,77, 78,80,82,84,86, 88,90,92,94,96,98 Your combination of Dex + Disarm Trap + the Nimble Gloves (+ Luck, if you have any) should be more than enough to max this out at 98%. I don't think I've ever heard of overflow from this, and if you have any Luck your stats are probably enough to push past 98% without the gloves anyway. If you test by taking off the Nimble Gloves, do your chances of success improve significantly?
  13. Just to clarify for anyone else reading, alhoon is talking about editing the game files (i.e., for a mod), not anything you can do in the course of normal gameplay.
  14. Implementing a new quest with two NPCs accompanying you is a pretty big change (and "create a quest" was actually a higher tier kickstarter reward). Maybe that feedback email was from during the beta (rather than after release) and Jeff said "sure, why not..." but in general, I wouldn't get your hopes up for story insertions post-release.
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