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  1. do any characters in any geneforge game actually refer to Fire, Magic, or Battle shaping in dialogue? I'm not sure, but I can't think of any. it's certainly not a distinction many shapers appear to be at all concerned with.
  2. I'm curious about editing scenarios to fix bugs and compatibility. It seems like, with so many scenarios, if there are compatibility issues, it would make more sense to just fix them on the engine end? Even if it's in a clunky way that's equivalent to patching changes on every scenario. That seems like it would be a lot less work, and it sidesteps any questions/effort about getting in touch with authors, keeping original versions available, etc etc. But maybe I'm misunderstanding what's in play here.
  3. Well, if they really wanted to stop the chaos, they would have needed to destroy the vial. Giving it to Thrackerzod would be more negligent than leaving it with Yu-La IMO. Frankly he seems even less capable of hanging on to it than she did.
  4. Alhoon, you played 15-year-old games in backwards order and expected everyone else to cater their independent conversations around you. Frankly, it was ridiculous, and bringing that up definitely does not support the argument for avoiding spoilers.
  5. you are welcome to look it up yourself if you don't believe me. in fact that would be a lot more helpful than just asking "are you sure?" all the time and expecting somebody else to put in the effort. (but yes, i am sure.)
  6. Unfortunately, the Helix Ring and Frosted Annulet upgrades are completely hardcoded, so there's no way to mod those. (At most, I could have the anvil replace them with non-hardcoded versions, but that would remove any chance of using their unique effects, which are the only interesting things about them.)
  7. OG1 training was uncapped -- remember you could max out Luck with Dig? -- and skill point costs were fixed, so there was not actually any way for canisters (or anything else) to affect it. I have a vague memory of maxing out Parry during the OG2 tutorial so that the free point from Shanti would be worth the most skill points, so maybe that was a thing in OG2 after all.
  8. I agree with alhoon, at least to a degree. The Takers are not around after G2, and while obviously they are the direct predecessor of the Rebels, there's very little direct cultural continuity between the Takers and the Rebels. Also, neither group is particularly monolithic. Astoria doesn't really represent Awakened ideals. She represents pragmatism. Obviously she's the G5 faction that the Awakened would find least repugnant, but she's not an idealist. (Re spoilers, although I'm sympathetic to people who want to avoid spoilers, G5 came out 15 years ago, and these forums are full of posts that spoil things about later games in the series, because they have 20+ years of posts on them. If you want to avoid spoilers, this forum is a bad place to be, and that's hard to change.)
  9. Oo, interesting. Yeah, Easss doesn't actually mention "vial" or "goo," but he clearly says he stole the Geneforge sample from Yu-La, good call. A correction though -- the G1 PC does not retrieve the sample for Yu-La, the PC is simply a courier who brings it from Yu-La to Thrackerzod. And since in canon G2, Yu-La takes it off the island and the Takers steal it from her, it seems that the G1 PC did not perform that task and actually has nothing to do with that vial making it to the Takers. If the PC had had more concern for the Sholai and/or the inutile, they might have prevented it, though. (Also, it's red, not orange.) (It's also not clear that Yu-La knows it's a sample of the Geneforge -- if she had, then as a greedy trader, presumably she would have bargained for a lot more in exchange for it.)
  10. Really glad you enjoyed it Lorn! Thanks for the suggested additions. FWIW, your points 1, 2, and 3 have absolutely nothing to do with this mod. Point 5, and your drayk confusion, would be addressed by reading the codex. It's a little weird to complain about things, where you have refused (repeatedly!) to read the mod's own explanation of how it works. I don't really know what to tell you. Point 4 -- Thornstalker's quests are absolutely completable. I've actually gotten a lot of positive feedback about them. They definitely do require exploring all over the place to find enough thorns. There are 4 separate thorn quests (all listed in the text log, as I have now pointed you to three times ) plus a final reward for completing all of them.
  11. I don't think canisters ever factored into skill point cost in any version of Geneforge, did they?
  12. That's deliberately left for the player to figure out. Minor spoiler: Sometimes in games you have to put 2 + 2 together, rather than having somebody give you a quest marker.
  13. AFAIK there's exactly one reference to the vial of goo in G2, and it's extremely vague and gives zero context to anything. Am I missing something too?
  14. "I am not a Taker!" "I will probably script my character" because I don't like the options the game gives me... *looks at Easss*
  15. "this is supposed to be a Guardian's most fundamental ability besides whacking something" Where does it say that?
  16. He also said he never wanted to design the Tower of Magi again. Famous last words...
  17. No, I think that would also feel weird. Since your initial complaint is basically just thematic, not great to solve it by making the thematic elements in other parts of the game unintuitive.
  18. Yeah, evasion can be pretty different on different difficulties. First because of the chance, but also because of what happens when a hit does make it through -- if that's a light hit, and you evade most of them, you can just ignore it, you're unstoppable. But if it's a 1HKO, 80% evasion probably counts as "not good enough." Taking a step back, though, it's a non-interactive game mechanic, with the problem that it becomes dramatically more valuable the more you have of it. If you go from 90% dodge to 95% dodge, you cut your incoming damage (and statuses) in half. But going from 50% to 55% is much less impressive. The build strategy thus becomes "all or nothing." And it's almost impossible to make it interesting, because you don't want it to break the game if somebody goes all in on it. This is essentially what happened with the original incarnation of Parry, in OG2. This was a common balance issue in mid-era SW games. In Avadon 1 IIRC, putting all your stat points into Dex and wearing evasion items resulting in almost never being hit, even on Torment. So evasion was nerfed in Avadon 2, and you could no longer get it up to a consistent level at all. This is a little silly. The energy costs of weapon shaping skills are 10, 20, 15, 15, 20, 20, 25, and 15. Those are quite low -- your per-round energy regain will pass most of them pretty early on. Also, Intellect does not improve your rate of recharge, only your max energy.
  19. https://bottomfeeder.substack.com/p/indie-postmortem-1-geneforge-2-infestation "Eighteen months ago, we released Queen's Wish 2: The Tormentor. This was an all-new title, the second game in what I had planned as the Queen's Wish trilogy. This game sold very poorly. This was a shame. I'm really proud of the game. It's the sort of game I want to play, and I really liked playing it. However, in my advanced age, I may have fallen out of touch with what people want. When I was younger, I always said, "I write the sort of games I want to play. If people don't want what I like to play, I'll quit this business and sell shoes." Luckily, since this didn't happen until I'm old, I'll do remasters instead. (I WILL finish the Queen's Wish story somehow. I'm still figuring out a way to make it viable.)"
  20. Just to be clear, the conclusion of my quoted post was not "1.5 years"...
  21. Wait, did he actually talk about a Nethergate update? That's amazing. I hope so!
  22. In practice, Intellect doesn't boost weapon shaping in a meaningful way. In practice, skills that improve physical attacks do make weapon shaping better -- it's an indirect effect, but it's meaningful. I understand the complaint about the % bonuses, but this is basically about flavor, not balance. If anything, I think my vote would be "replace Evasion with a dedicated Weapon Shaping skill." Then it could work exactly the way e.g. Battle Magic works. The "sum of Melee/Missile weapons" thing feels like a weird holdover from Avernum's Battle Disciplines (which, in their original incarnation, were incredibly similar to weapon shaping in other ways, too). Evasion itself is an odd skill -- it's the only skill whose effects are a complete subset of another skill's (Dexterity), and while it scales differently from Dex, it's not ultimately a very effective skill. Plus, it pretty clearly ended up there just as a less-vulnerable-to-imbalance version of Parry. (re Essence Mastery, the Guardian/Agent analysis leaves out Shapers, who like Essence Mastery as much as or more than anyone else, so I think that would feel pretty weird)
  23. This isn't something we have to guess at. Wikipedia helpfully gives us this: From 2010 through 2024, there have been 10 games released in roughly 15 years of work. So that's an average of 1.5 years per game -- however, half of those games were brand new (Avadon 1-3 and QW 1-2), and four were new engines (Avadon, AEFTP, QW, Mutagen), which is all extra work. Work on different games isn't completely separated, and the timeline doesn't show seasons, so you can't specifically see which games took more work here, but Jeff has stated in the past that remakes take less work. (The most extreme example is Nethergate: Resurrection, which Jeff said took about 3 months of work. However, that was also a remake in the same engine as the original one, just a much more mature version of it.) If the new games are 2 years, and the remakes are 1 year, that adds up to 15 years. Or you could interpret it as 20 months for new games and 16 months for remakes and get the same total. (Note that this doesn't account for the new-engine time, while the list of 6 remakes we're looking at only includes 1 of those.) Anyway, my money's on 6-9 years depending.
  24. No way. In the last decade or so, Spiderweb has spent closer to 2 years on brand new games, and closer to 1 year on remakes, especially when not the first game in a series. A4, G3, A5, G4, A6, G5 could well be 6 years, and I wouldn't expect it to be more than 8 or 9.
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