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  1. No, I was talking about non-Slith Kyass. It's been a while since I've played, and I remembered that Kyass was pro-nonhumans, but I guess the slith-sounding name did me in. Honestly, Ess, I think this one is borderline impossible. You could give me a curated list of every Slith in the games and I still would find it borderline impossible. The standard for who gets included is simply... very, very low. I can see arguments for or against this random quest-giver or that craftmaster or that slightly-more-memorable-than-most dungeon boss. But beyond the obvious ones, I don't know ho
  2. In the interests of helping this process along, I'll play Vanna White for you, Triumph. AAAAAAAAAAAA, EEEEEE, IIIII, OOO Y, W, LLL, RRRRRRRR, HHHH C, DDD, G, MMM, NNNNNNNN, P, SS, TTTTT, Z Names pulled out: Trajkov (1), Goettsch (1), Zakary (2), Barzahl (2), Khyryk (3), Alwan (3-5), Greta (3-5), Litalia (3-5), Ghaldring (4-5) 9 names + 1 member left There are now more single letters (#thanksbeyonce?): C - Monarch? G - Greiner?? Agatha?? Hoge?? Gnorrel? W - Rawal? Y - Rydell? Y and G - Taygen? Y and W - Diwaniya
  3. I still have a hard time believing there are actually 30 sliths who interact that meaningfully with the party. I have a feeling there will be a few that no one comes up with. But let's begin. I don't think it's reasonable to do this one non-comunally. Letter sort: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE IIIIIIII OOOOOOOOOO UUU YYYYY HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH LLLLLLLLL MMM NNN RRRRRRRRRRR CCCC DDD GGGGGGG KKKKKKKKK P Q TTTTTTTTTTTTTT VVVVV ZZ SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
  4. Oh my god, you actually did this. ...time to get to work.
  5. I'm sympathetic -- I know how it feels to have a frustrating user interface element that makes a task I care about not flow the way I want it to. It can be really irritating, not that any one instance is the end of the world, but having to keep encountering it over and over. Sometimes it might feel like it's a use case that's unique to me, other times it seems like something that large swathes of users would do. Either way, it's no fun. That said... I think there may be some extreme statements here. "Important flaw", "jumbled mess", "tragic waste", "throwing away"...
  6. For an alternate jumpstart for someone: Ess observed privately that this was actually a very kind scramble, and he's quite right. There are a relatively large number of some low-frequency letters, and a small number of some higher-frequency ones (with the obvious exception of 'A'). So how would I start? Probably by doing a count: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, EEEEEEEE, IIIIIIII, OOOOO YYYY, WW, LLLLLLLL, RRRRRRRRRRRRRR, HHHHHHHH B, CC, DDDD, GGGGG, J, KKKK, MMM, NNNNNNNNNN, P, SSS, TTTTTTTTTT, V, ZZZ I'd then go after the obvious names connected to
  7. That Game Boy gargoyle you mention is Firebrand. Here's his SNES sprite, which is likely closer to the graphics quality you're describing: Is there any possibility that you're remembering elements of a few different games, bled into each other in memory?
  8. I'd say I'm usually in Kel's camp -- Hard -- but there are some SW games that become painfully unchallenging with optimized builds, even on harder difficulties. Geneforge 1-3 and A2:CS are good examples. I'll also say that Torment is usually tormenting at the very beginning, and then quickly becomes less excruciating. There are definitely games where I'll start on Hard for sanity, then switch to Torment after a few level ups.
  9. Out of those 16 total names, 14 are correct. Please do! I mean, maybe pick something more interesting. Nothing against Sliths, there just aren't 30 major ones.
  10. DM2 would be a real-time dungeon-crawler. DM1 pretty much originated that genre. (And you do start on your own.) The thing about the flakes is google turns up literally nothing with any RPG + flakes search I can think of except for you posting this question on three different forums 🙂 Can you give any more concrete details about any of these memories? 1) What did the demon/devil look like? 2) What did the flakes look like? Color, size, distribution within the clear bag? 3) Was interaction with the demon/devil done via a text menu or something el
  11. A clear bag, i.e. plastic, seems awfully out of place in a medieval setting! Are you sure it couldn't have been a flask (even a flask with flake looking things inside)? That said: clear containers with stuff in them + trees + NPCs with pointed ears + raining + dungeon crawler immediately brings Dungeon Master II to mind. It had some colorful interface elements as well:
  12. That's a long way of saying "Game Genie" That's pretty different -- although it does "patch" the game at runtime, it literally patches a couple of bytes, and it doesn't use a premade patch -- you enter a code that just tells it which single byte to patch. So that's more of a patcher than it is a patch itself. It's also limited to a few extremely tiny modifications. Not really relevant here, that's all.
  13. Do you remember anything more concrete about the flakes in a bag? Was there an icon, or was it just the name of an item with no visual depiction? What color was it? etc.
  14. I did not say the second part, and I in fact linked to a Wikipedia article that states: "while redistributing complete games with adaptions most likely does not fall under fair use, distributing the modifications as a patch might be legally permissible; however, that conclusion has not been tested in court." I definitely did say the other part though. Asking Jeff would be the courteous thing to do, for a small-time designer that is pretty good to his fans. If he says go for it, you're definitely in the clear legally; and if he says no, then you can't share it here regardless of a
  15. There are two that sort of fit in that category, depending on what you mean by "take on."
  16. I googled the flakes and immediately found... what appears to be you asking this question some years back, hehehe https://www.dosgames.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=20339 With that added info, like flakes possibly being water flasks, this sounds an awful lot like Ravenloft: Stone Prophet. https://www.mobygames.com/game/dos/ravenloft-stone-prophet/screenshots - first person view - space-time portals in intro - start near an NPC's tent - given dagger at start of game - water flasks are apparently quite central - bags are also
  17. There are 5 joinable factions in G5. Bandits are not one of them.
  18. But scrambling member names seemed both limiting in audience, and probably too easy. Instead, I've chosen to celebrate the remake of Geneforge 1 by scrambling the names of 18 major characters from the Geneforge series. ...and one Spiderweb member, just to keep things interesting. Have at it! Can you untangle all 18 Geneforge characters? DOLANNERAYAVTRGYNZDO GTYAMAMERNAIWKARAHIL ILNHAIAAOLERTLCEZTAR AHHNRLTAARHHSBANTWPD ERKAORLIOAAZGITYHERI SADNRNTHEKKRCMNJTIAR TSGAGLAE
  19. Because it's a game from 2001 interacting with an OS from nearly two decades later. It had no way of anticipating what that OS would do in response to things that were normal in 2001.
  20. It's probably permission to write to where save game files are stored. Geneforge doesn't actually ask you that itself, by the way -- the box you see is either from Windows Defender or your antivirus software, which jumps in to double check when an app requires write permission to a sensitive area. Geneforge 1 is old enough that it may still have been dropping saved games in the system folder somewhere, rather than in a user folder, which could be why you don't see this with the others. (Nethergate is older still, and still used individual save files rather than save slots.)
  21. Hmm. Do you have the same issue in other browsers? If so, do you want to post a quick screenshot?
  22. Try clearing your cache. I believe some of the icon loading logic shifted slightly in an IPB update, fixing a few uncommon problems that had existed with them before.
  23. aetuzcu, I notice you said you killed "the" Altered Giant. Normally, the following sequence of events takes place: 1) Kill first Altered Giant 2) Enter grassy area, which is empty 3) Spring trap - gate closes (with you INSIDE), six Altered Giants appear 4) Turn wheel (in hidden passage on north wall) to reopen gate 5) Push button just north of gate to open the next passage Is there ANY possibility that you entered the grassy area in combat mode? Perhaps even while fighting the first Altered Giant. I ask because in your screenshot, there
  24. Pity about Evasion. Anatomy was a lot more interesting -- with the GF1 Guardian being able to do tons of damage, but also being more vulnerable due to having to be in melee range (and enemies also having stronger melee attacks).
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