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  1. For example, there's a guide on steam (admittedly for G5, but claims to apply to previous games as well) that suggests that Spellcraft is applied to the die size, not the result, and then rounded. I have no idea if this is accurate -- it might not be (edit: it's not) -- but given that it's a competing theory, the combination of a) editing the game files to change die size to 1; b) not testing multiple die sizes (i.e. different spells), or any die sizes that are actually used in the game; and c) apparently only testing at large or tiny numbers for each skill* makes it hard
  2. You might be right, but if you're only testing one scenario for each of these, I'm concerned. As you note, there may be other factors (for example, experience level, or "+ levels of damage" item effects, or differences in base damage between spells -- which you did not even acknowledge could exist until G3) that you have overlooked. It's also possible, no matter what you say, that changing the die size affects some parts of the equation differently from others. Changing the die size is in no way necessary to get accurate results regardless -- all it does is remove the need for multiple tria
  3. Would you mind sharing the actual test scenarios, not just the formulas you derived from them? The reason I'm asking is that in the past, people have suggested a fractional coefficient like 0.75 on some of these skill contributions. You'd still need multiple data points to see that, even with 1d1 dice.
  4. Huh. That's a much, much higher discrepancy than I've ever heard anyone suggest. Do you mind sharing the data points (or averages or whatever)? Thanks for the testing! (also, there is a base damage component that is separate from the damage dice part, but I guess at 1d1 damage it would be hard to tell the difference)
  5. It would be interesting to also know the results for 1/1 and 19/19 as points of comparison.
  6. This sounds like the issue someone experienced with the Final Gauntlet. In that case, I believe it turned out to be corrupted data. They fixed it by backing up their saves, uninstalling and reinstalling. They might also have had to revert to a previous save -- I'm not sure. The fact that this is affecting multiple dungeons doesn't bode well on that front.
  7. Try clearing your cache and see if that helps. If not, let us know what browser you use and we'll poke further.
  8. 'kris' was very plausibly part of the naming inspiration for Herbert, but even then it's really more of a literal descriptor than a reference.
  9. They could also encode multiple variables. Some of the other letters don't look like that at all, but it would explain why the 9th letter in particular has (1) such scattered letter options, and (2) multiple options for the same observed variable.
  10. Awesome to hear, Locust! Would you mind sharing (just for our edification) 1 - about how many programs did you previously have running in the background? 2 - about how many tabs do you typically have open in Firefox?
  11. Which again prompts the question: Locust, can you describe very specifically what you were doing in-game the last couple of times this happened? 1) How recently had you clicked or typed to interact with the game? 2) What was the last thing you did-in game (moved around, entered a command, talked to someone, used a skill point, sold items, etc. etc.) 3) Were you on the overworld map, or in a zone? 4) Were you in combat mode, or walkabout mode? 5) Was a dialog box of any sort up (talking, inventory, character status, etc.) This isn't because we think y
  12. Are there any specific triggers for this behavior? If not, can you describe what you were doing the last couple times it happened?
  13. The PC/stat system in each iteration (Exile, Avernum, Avernum Remakes -- we're discussing the latter here) are completely different. Luck does different things in each iteration. It will no longer save you from death.
  14. TriRodent, are you thinking of the original versions of Avernum and not the remakes? It sounds like you're describing the old skill point system.
  15. If you're interested in endings: https://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/22176-geneforge-1-ending-chart/ https://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/22188-geneforge-2-ending-chart/ https://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/22196-geneforge-3-ending-chart/ https://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/22197-geneforge-4-ending-chart/ https://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/22201-geneforge-5-ending-chart/
  16. No, in original G1 it was pretty much assumed you were going to use canisters. Whether or not you used the Geneforge had a big impact on the ending, though. I would expect the same thing in the remake -- but who knows! Sounds like plenty of other mechanics are changing, too.
  17. You can and should buy Cave Lore points with money instead of training them. You can buy 8 of those, and there's also one free point from a quest, so you really only need to train 3 points in it to max it. (You don't need more than 12 total for anything.) Of course, spending those last 3 points isn't required either.
  18. I appreciate the positive approach, ADoS. That said, let's try to practice some good boundaries as well. Please do not insert personal conflicts (even friendly attempts to resolve said conflicts ) into threads that have nothing to do with them. PM is probably a better venue. Thanks. (IMHO, that is particularly good advice for handling this conflict, since poor boundaries are what caused it to arise in the first place.) Locking this thread since the original topic seems to have run its course. If someone has more to say about window-closing or any other flavor of fa
  19. The concept of any name being a better use of letters than Shanti's. Really. And of course you get a prize, cowboy.
  20. Those 16 names are accurate, as is Randomizer -- what better name to choose when the letter order is randomized, and when I consulted his lists to review a few names -- but your list of remaining letters is not accurate, I'm afraid. You have two letters missing, and one added in excess. Not sure where along the way that happened. What you should have left at this point is: AAA D H II M NN R S T The two remaining characters are both definitely important -- each to their game. One is closer to the beginning, and one is closer to
  21. This is the right place Locking as this topic exists 2 topics down.
  22. I think at this point the onus is on you to re-work the puzzle in solvable form, and not on us to ask for hints. There's simply not much that can be done here.
  23. This is a known issue, unfortunately, and you're right that it was caused by the IPB forum software update. The admins are in touch with IPB to try and get it resolved. In the meantime, you can right-click and open in a new tab/window in order to change pages (or like posts). This is a pretty bad workaround, but it's the best option till this gets fixed.
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